How to communicate well within a business

How to communicate well within a business

In a company one could argue that the most important thing is communication, as it affects all aspects of work. Studies show that interpersonal relationships among a work place directly affect the rate of productivity the work place has. These interpersonal relationships are built off good communication, thus enforcing its vitality. So, how do we ensure we keep good communication in a workplace?

In person

You should keep a positive and friendly demeanour when communicating with your colleagues, specifically through your body language. Open and warm body language evokes more open and positive communication. This overall positivity will mean conversations are more affective as hostility can be distracting.


As time goes on, lots of work places have switched and introduced more remote working. This means people are not always in the office and are therefore communicating more online or by phone. Although there is a lack of body language, it is still vital you remain positive friendly and professional at all times. It is also a necessity to reply to people as soon as you can to keep things moving and allowing for things to get done on time.

Among a team

Whether it is in person or online communication within a team, and not just one on one, can make or break a business. You must keep an open mind by listening to everyone and considering other ideas and opinions that differ to your own. Additionally, communicate your own ideas clearly and with confidence.

With a boss or as a boss

When communicating with a boss, one must remember to be open for criticism as that is how you learn and grow. As a boss, give your employers clear instructions and be supportive of their journey.

To conclude

As mentioned previously, good inter personal relationships ensure success within a company. To have good communication is to have good relationships where everyone has the opportunity to learn, grow, and work comfortably, allowing for great success within a business.