Batex & Duplex launches Estepona Park: a new Commercial Park concept in Estepona

Batex & Duplex launches Estepona Park: a new Commercial Park concept in Estepona

Batex & Duplex launches Estepona Park: a new Commercial Park concept in Estepona

  • With a surface area of 5,288 square metres, Estepona Park opens its doors for its first launch phase with four internationally recognised stores such as Kiwoko, Sprinter, Primaprix and Veritas.
  • With an approximate investment of 15 million euros it promises to become a meeting point for the local community and visitors.
  • The space highlights the direct creation of approximately 100 jobs, marking an important milestone for the economic development of the region.

Estepona 11 April 2024.- The opening of Estepona Park marks the beginning of a new era for shopping and leisure in Estepona. This project, developed by Batex & Duplex, a firm with extensive experience in the management, commercialisation and development of commercial spaces in Spain and Europe, begins its first phase with the opening of four shops from internationally recognised brands. The pet shop Kiwoko, the sports shop Sprinter, a Primaprix chain outlet and the healthy supermarket Veritas are the new spaces that promise to enrich its visitors’ shopping experience.

Rafael Franco, director of Batex, underlined the importance of this project for the city and the company: “Estepona Park symbolises our commitment to the development of spaces that respond to the needs of the community, offering quality and affordable shopping and leisure options for everyone”.

The selection of Estepona as the location for this commercial park was based on a need for this type of space in the area. With Estepona Park, Batex & Duplex seek to fill this gap in the market, providing a modern and attractive commercial meeting point to the city and its outskirts. This project not only improves the infrastructure and Estepona´s offerings, but also contributes significantly to local economic development, with the creation of approximately 100 jobs.

With an overall leasable surface space of 5,288 m2, the commercial park also stands out for its communal zones, including 2,700 m2 of underground parking, alongside an area equipped with ultra-fast electric car chargers and a central square that will facilitate the visitor´s movements. The approximate investment of 15 million euros into Estepona Park shows the confidence that Batex & Duplex have for the city’s growth potential.

The second phase of Estepona Park is scheduled for July 2024, which will include the addition of a children’s playground Flipa Jump, the gym Alta Fit and the restaurant KFC, further enhancing the service and entertainment offerings available for visitors.

This project not only reflects the experience and commitment of Batex & Duplex to quality, but also establishes a new standard for the planning of commercial spaces in Estepona and further areas”, highlighted the centre’s director.

Due to the recent development and trends in the retail sector, Batex & Duplex backed the expansion and opening of new, nearby, and convenient commercial parks, like Estepona Park, which aligns with the company’s vision of the future. In these spaces developers see an opportunity to align omnichannel strategies and optimise their presence in the area.

“This business model responds to rising trends and changes in consumer habits, positioning itself as a strategic response to the demand for more cost efficiency, client proximity and a smooth purchasing process ”, states the owner Batex & Duplex.

Estepona Park is the most recent in a series of projects developed by Batex & Duplex in the region, including the future relaunch of Marbell Center in Marbella together with López Real 21, among others. The company, known for their focus in sustainable development and innovative design, continues to expand their presence in commercial real estate with plans to develop 10 new commercial parks before 2026, representing an investment estimated at 270 million euros.

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About Batex & Duplex

With an expanding trajectory in the development and management of commercial real estate projects, Batex & Duplex´s profound experience and knowledge in the European, especially Spanish, sector, stands out. This association has advised, managed and commercialised more than 600,000 square metres of gross leasable land into more than 30 commercial parks and centres, of which includes around 1,400 commercial premises and a total investment of around 1,500 million euros.

Batex has a multidisciplinary approach which ranges from comprehensive project management to commercialisation, equity identification, financing and funding, whilst Duplex, through the ARQ Factory, brings a solid experience in innovative design, bioclimatic architecture, and sustainable urban planning, including modular prefabrication projects.

Batex & Duplex represent a powerful conglomerate which not only has significantly contributed to the commercial and architectural landscape in Spain, but also plans into the future with ambitious strategic schemes, like the development of 10 new commercial parks between 2024-2026, estimating an investment of 270 million euros, showing their continued commitment to innovation, sustainability and growth in the commercial sector.

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