German hotel group THE FLAG launches new wellbeing concept on the Costa del Sol

German hotel group THE FLAG launches new wellbeing concept on the Costa del Sol

German hotel group THE FLAG launches new wellbeing concept on the Costa del Sol

  • With 19 properties around the world, THE FLAG Costa del Sol is the group’s first hotel in Spain
  • Professional well-being programmes now complement the hotel concept
  • The three holistic well-being programmes are based on functional diagnostics, nutrition assessment, customised physical activities prescription, measurements and tracking of metabolic plasticity, sleep and mental health

Estepona, 2 April 2024.- The German hotel group THE FLAG, that touched down a year ago in Spain offering luxury, studios and suites is launching a new holistic well-being concept, offering that will begin operating in April. The proposal, presented under the new concept “Hotel & Stay Well”, offers three professional programmes to promote holistic well-being and the opportunity to enjoy a holiday on the Costa del Sol.

Led by Wellbeing Manager Fernando Carnicero Lobos, THE FLAG offers the “Stay Pure” programme, focused on detoxification, the weight management programme “Stay Balanced”, and for those focused on improving their physical condition, there is “Stay Strong”, a programme designed to promote strength and fitness.

“Our programmes are not merely stays: they are a journey towards personal change. Each detail has been carefully planned to ensure that our guests not only reach their goals, but also they discover a new standard of complete wellbeing. At THE FLAG, we don’t just change habits, we transform lives”, states Carnicero.

Alongside these wellbeing programmes, guests can enjoy various non-invasive treatments using state-of-the-art technology in the areas of health promotion, pain relief, beauty and aesthetics with the internationally renowned clinic, London Clinic Marbella founded by John Corbett, which is located inside the hotel’s facilities.   

In addition to wellbeing, THE FLAG continues to offers 78 serviced studios and suites for guests to enjoy a wonderful holiday on the Costa del Sol. Their on-site restaurant, Seven M., offers fresh, locally sourced products “from nature to plate” assessed by nutritionists on their healthy and balanced composition and careful cooking processes to maintain as many nutrients as possible.

Staying in shape, maintaining health and looking after yourself are relevant topics today. Thanks to advances in medical research and technologies, life expectancy in good health is constantly increasing.

Throughout history, humans have always strived to achieve a long and fulfilling life. As society advances, living a longer life is no longer just a dream but a reality. However, with aging populations come age-related health problems that pose a growing challenge for communities. The future of healthcare is not just about reactive treatments but about taking proactive measures to address, underlying causes and improve people’s quality of life, even if they are not afflicted with medical conditions. At THE FLAG, they are responding to this challenge by rethinking their services to offer their clients the possibility of aging gracefully. They are developing innovative programs incorporating cutting-edge technology backed by sound science.

THE FLAG’s holistic well-being model is built upon five essential pillars: precise diagnostics, personalized nutrition, planned physical activity, restorative sleep, mental health and social connection. These are all crucial to a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle.

“This holistic wellbeing focus not only seeks to improve physical health, but it also focuses on nourishing the soul and the mind, creating a comprehensive and multifaceted rejuvenation experience”, explains Rüdiger Hollweg, General Manager of THE FLAG Costa del Sol.

THE FLAG in Estepona, near Marbella, is a well-being refuge for anyone who wants to slow down, relax, and achieve their health and fitness goals. With this new concept, the company is not only pursuing an additional and future-orientated business venture but also focusing on the changing needs of its guests. Still, it is actively committed to the well-being of all. An active and healthy lifestyle over time contributes to preventing illnesses and, therefore, reduces health costs.


For more than 14 years, the German hotel group THE FLAG has been developing and managing residential hotels for students and young professionals, businessmen and women, and retirees in various countries. This family-run business offers specialised forms of co-living and care in Germany, Switzerland, Spain and the United States. Their portfolio currently includes 19 properties housing more than 2,500 high quality, centrally located apartments.

The hotel on the Costa del Sol, the group’s first establishment in Spain, opened on 26 May 2023. It consists of 78 rooms spread over four floors. The accommodation is divided into different categories: Classic Studio, Superior Studio, Corner Suite, Deluxe Studio, Grand Suite, Grand Suite Deluxe, and two super-luxury Penthouses.

Chef David Aguado of the hotel restaurant Seven M. works alongside the hotel’s nutritionist to prepare menus for all the health programmes.

THE FLAG Costa del Sol, Costalita, C. Trajano, 16, 29688, Málaga

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