How to make your brand launch a success

How to make your brand launch a success

How to make your brand launch a success

Behind every new brand and launch, there should be a defined communication and marketing strategy with clear objectives. When creating a brand, you have to ask yourself questions and have a starting point. For example, who are we? What values do we represent? How do we want to be seen? And a question we consider most important: where do we want to be? By asking ourselves these questions, we can know what type of strategy to adopt and mark all the necessary steps to reach that goal. Here at MN Communication, we want to give the keys that must ALWAYS be taken into account for a business to succeed.


Branding is defined as the process of building a brand with associated values that directly imply the development of its personality. It seeks to give substance and show all the qualities that the brand has through an image so that the client can relate to it, know it, and feel represented by it.  Differentiation in the market is of paramount importance; therefore the entire process must be taken care of, from the logo, typography, or corporate colours, to the way of presenting and communicating it.


Regardless of the activity of the company, it is essential to have a website that communicates the activity of the brand and the products and services it offers appealingly. Today it is unimaginable to not have a digital presence. It is essential that this platform is optimal and can be viewed correctly from any device, in addition to having a call to action and a structure designed to impact your potential customers. When it comes to e-commerce, it must be perfectly designed with all handling standards, as well as be able to provide at all times the information the customer needs in order to make their purchase decision.


The communication office is not only a continuous press release writing service, it is much more. In relation (or opposition) to advertising, it is a formula through which qualitative procedures, the promotion of the brand is sought without added cost to the client. In fact, the essence of the communication office is the union point between the media, entities, or brands. Through its services, a firm can obtain more clarity; it can help in a moment of crisis and help contact new audiences. Through the work of the cabinet, they can establish links with journalists that are maintained over time, making them allies of the brand so that they can be spoken or written about in a much more qualitative way than with advertising. This is what makes a difference to the reader, who by being a recommendation from the journalist himself, can comprehend the news or advert much more accurately.

It is in that day to day, that constant relationship with the media and therefore with the consumer, that the company can achieve greater visibility but above all, NOTORIETY. In addition to this, as an added value, the executives of the communications office team can act as active observers: they look for impact opportunities, upcoming reports, possible interviews, and special futures where brands or products have a standing.


The launch of a product is a whole process and the presentation event is one itself, with it being a very important tool among the different communications and dissemination of action that will be used as a strategy.

The personality and brand values, as well as the products or services that you want to advertise, will be a great guide for the development and programming of the event.

It is important to always put yourself in the shoes of the guest, to verify that the information flows and the message is understood.


Social networks are an indispensable channel; they are a showcase for customers and a way in which you can interact with them by creating a “community” link. One of the most important things is the publications that give life to the business, displaying company news, interesting things, promotions, etc. More important than the quantity, is the quality of the advertisement, to attract and retain the target audience and redirect them to the site through direct links.

The most important social networks have a large number of users, many of whom may be interested in the company. One of the biggest advantages of social networks is that promoting yourself is not expensive, and you can create a fairly effective advertising campaign in a post without spending a euro. Of course, it is more than advisable to do small advertising campaigns from the time in which the investment is not excessive, and then you can section and filter every detail to accurately reach the target audience.

In addition to being a business channel, social networks also allow you to do many more things such as selecting personnel, communicating with employees, establishing professional and other networks, and even have knowledge of the sector in real-time.

Many times, the viral effect that a communication or a campaign on social networks can have can be impressive and can make the company be “heard”.


Digital marketing is a very important chapter in promoting a product or a service. Here, we will focus on two objectives only. The webpage must be optimised for SEO (Search Engine Optimization), with an amicable structure, tags, titles, and labels that make it positively valued by the main search engines. Working on SEO is essential for the marketing strategy, it is something that must be combined with other actions such as SEM to gain results in the short but also medium-term.

SEM (Search Engine Marketing) is one of the best allies in the launch strategy. Pay per click will be able to help make the company more visible, be able to choose the most appropriate channels, segmentation, set daily budgets, etc… SEM specialists choose the channels in which it is most interesting to appear (Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Google Ads search or display network, Google Shopping…), as well as the most impressive ad modalities. The good thing about digital advertising is that you can measure results almost in real-time, so it is essential when assessing the return of each action and reorienting the strategy at any time.


In new brands and products, it is essential to have good prescribers who serve as brand representatives and inform potential consumers about their experiences. It is a good way to promote “word of mouth” but in a digital format. In the world of influencers, you have to be careful when choosing, it is desirable to have collaborators who have fewer followers but from the niche that interests the brand, thus being a collaboration as natural as possible. The objective is to get prescribers who believe and trust the brand, to achieve a mutually beneficial and long-lasting agreement if possible.