Open Mind Fest chooses Marbella to celebrate the biggest festival of personal growth in Andalucía

Open Mind Fest chooses Marbella to celebrate the biggest festival of personal growth in Andalucía

The event, which will take place in the Albergue Juvenil Fuerte Nagüeles, will last until the 17th September and will count on the participation of more than 70 masters and experts from all corners of the world.

Marbella 11th September 2017: This morning has been presented Open Mind Fest, the first international festival of personal grown that will start this Wednesday 13th September and will be celebrated until Sunday 17th September in the facilities of Albergue Juvenil Fuerte Nagüeles.


It is the biggest festival of this type in the Costa del Sol and one of the biggest in Andalucia and it will count on the participation of more than 70 masters, coaches and experts, who are specialists in different disciplines and who originate from all corners of the world. The presentation was led by the founder of Open Mind Fest, Viktoria Boiaryna, who emphasised “the ambition of the festival is to take all the spheres of our world to create something” from “the start of service to all living beings, from humans to animals or plants, there is no difference between them”.

Thus, the festival wants to unite everyone around a healthy life style that allows it to elevate the state of the conscience and helps the integral development of the individual on the four levels of personal harmony:

  • Spiritual: with educational talks to encourage an open conscience, creativity and mindfulness
  • Physical: with a more practical application, conducted to increase knowledge about health, organic food, massages, meditation
  • Social: favouring talks and social relations with the neighbour, and especially in the family environment
  • Charitable: the money obtained in the festival will be distributed between diverse non-governmental organisations.

Open Mind Fest counts on an ample programme full of different activities for children and adults, such as conferences, massage workshops, meditation and mandala creations; a fair for ecological and natural products, such as world music concerts, animal parades and a holi disco.

The first day of opening is the 13th September; all the activities will be free, although they have established a symbolic ticket, a book that the attendees could bring to subsequently be donated to associations who work with disadvantaged children. “The festival is possible with peoples support, each person coming to the festival can contribute in a small way so that it can carry on, from their energy and knowledge” highlights Boiaryna. Additionally, on the rest of the days, the visitors can come to the Albergue Nagüeles and attend the presentations of the non-governmental associations.

Viktoria Boiaryna, the founder of Open Mind Fest, chose Marbella to celebrate this international meeting as it is a city with good vibes that can become the new Mecca for yoga teachers and for those who look for a life of spirituality. Thanks to the quantity of tourism that the city receives, Marbella receives a profound and memorable imprint from those who visit it. The festival will also leave the city with the launch of a meditation park in the Las Chapas zone.


Additionally, Open Mind Fest has as a principal mission to collaborate with different associations to make the world better therefore it will carry out different activities in collaboration from various not for profit organisations for the five days of the festival and it will designate part of the money taken by the sale of tickets to contribute to their projects.

The festival is based on the belief that children, adults, animals and nature form part of one, therefore the organisers have chosen associations that represent each one: The Triple A Association, which takes care of animals, the Arboretum Foundation, which works to improve ecological conscience, Monsalvat, which helps disadvantaged children in Asia, and the Edicoma organisation, which works with collectives at risk of social exclusion.


  • Opening: Wednesday 13th September at 7.30pm
  • Closing: Sunday 17th September at 9pm
  • Opening timetable: From 8am to 10pm
  • More than 70 speakers
  • Daily fair for the whole time it is open
  • Conferences
  • Master classes
  • Meditation
  • Yoga
  • Craftwork
  • Music
  • Healthy food

Tickets are on sale at: