Altur Homes and the Town Hall of Benahavís present Be Lagom, the first sustainable and organic architectural project in Spain

Altur Homes and the Town Hall of Benahavís present Be Lagom, the first sustainable and organic architectural project in Spain

Altur Homes and the Town Hall of Benahavís present Be Lagom, the first sustainable and organic architectural project in Spain

 • Altur Homes is beginning the construction of 13 luxury villas in Benahavís, which is set to become one of the most exclusive projects on the Costa del Sol

 • This project will involve an investment of more than 15 million and will employ up to 200 people

BENAHAVÍS. 09/19/2018. The multinational promoter Altur Homes, dedicated to high quality residential property development, has launched one of the most exclusive and breakthrough promotions of the Costa del Sol, Be Lagom. Set in a singularly beautiful location with spectacular views over the Mediterranean, the license has already been granted for this groundbreaking project in Benahavís.

Be Lagom will house 13 luxury villas, inspired by the needs and preferences of the most demanding residents of our planet: sustainability, organic food and circular economy. As such, the project will boast over 5000m2 of Mediterranean gardens, with organic fruit orchards, an abundance of flowers and trees and stunning landscaping that will enhance the beauty of the surrounding views and countryside, whilst also creating common spaces, which will intensify the sense of community living. The villas which will start at a price of 1.2 million euros, are aimed at buyers from countries such as Norway, Sweden, Belgium and England for those in search of a second home of quality and numerous services.

Altur Homes presents a project for buyers who appreciate a privileged situation and the exclusivity of a luxury design. The 13 Be Lagom villas, situated over a total area of ​​14,000 m2 in the area of ​​La Alquería, have 360º views to the sea and Marbella. Boasting viewpoints and rest areas, as well as co-living spaces, Be Lagom is more than a residential development it is a way of life promoting networking and a collaborative economy.

The investment of the project is around € 15,000,000. The works will begin in November 2018 and the construction time will be approximately between 18 and 20 months.

Architecture in line with nature

Architecturally, the project highlights the combination of natural materials and contemporary design. The use of wood and stone combined with iron, recalls traditional construction, whilst providing warmth and integrating with nature. Regarding the design, the villas have also been adapted to the orography, so that the facades open towards the sea, and in the north they are covered, offering seclusion and privacy.

The Be Lagom project has received the international Breeam certification, a world-renowned method to assess the sustainability of buildings in up to 10 technical aspects, including Health and Wellbeing, Energy, Water, Ecological land use, and innovation.

Application of the Circular Economy

Increasingly, people are aware of the need to live in a sustainable manner. Be Lagom is a unique real estate project that will make the way of life of its residents an example of the so-called circular economy that is so in vogue in recent times. Society moves at a vertiginous pace that affects all facets of our life and has completely transformed our consumption patterns. Natural resources are limited and are beginning to run out, triggering serious consequences for our environment. For this reason, the circular economy tries to implement a new, non-linear economy, based on the principle of “closing the life cycle” of all products and services.

Under this premise, Be Lagom was born, a real estate project that will establish the circular economy in homes and that firmly believes that the preservation of our resources is a shared responsibility of all sectors. As such, Be Lagom has been designed: a community that encourages its residents to live according to a philosophy of life in line with concepts of the circular economy.

The Be Lagom Concept

Lagom is a Swedish word that enhances the virtue of the midpoint.
Lagom means “the right amount”, avoiding excess and extreme limitation, which allows us to better understand what makes us happy and what works for our mental well-being.

The term is combined with the idea of ​​just “Being” hence “Be” and implies the meanings derived from the philosophy of life to which the term Lagom refers.

Lifestyle oriented to the 5 Senses and the 5 Elements

Be Lagom is understood as a promise to live a complete experience that invites you to enjoy the 5 senses: to hear the sound of water and of the earth when you touch it, the sound of collecting crops; your feet on the wet earth, touching and picking fruit from the orchards, smelling the flowers, the experience of cooking your home-grown fruit; smelling the fruity aromas, and tasting fruits that you have picked yourself and of course enjoying the sea, orchards and gardens.

Likewise, it is a project with a style in which the 5 elements are contemplated: Earth, water, fire, wood and metal. And, in addition, the architecture of this initiative encourages us to enjoy the spirit, touch the materials and reconnect with the earth through its textures.

Landscaping, one of Be Lagom’s flagships

The exclusivity of this project also lies in an unprecedented landscape work on the Costa del Sol. This project incorporates pergolas, water sources, pedestrian paths, flower gardens, fruit trees, native and private gardens over 5,000 m2 of Mediterranean gardens. The project includes several areas in which there will be berry bushes, aromatic shrubs, Mediterranean shrubs, fruit trees and trellised plantations. All these species of trees and shrubs will be used either edible, for the cultivation of cut flowers or for the production of aromatic products, thus entering again the cycle and the philosophy of life that is behind the circular economy.

At the forefront of innovation

The integration of demotic technology in all aspects of the home will be present throughout the project, via technology security systems, in energy management, for the well-being of the owners and in telecommunications.

Main actors of the project

One of the key features of this project is that Altur Homes has chosen an excellent team of professionals behind it. And the fact is that after all Be Lagom is also a philosophy of extended life at real estate level in which several professionals have grouped who will have the opportunity to materialise the project of their dreams.

Gonzalez & Jacobson Arquitectura designed the project under the tutelage of architect Rodolfo Amieva. Laura Pou, will be at the forefront of landscaping, whilst Guillermo Tragant and his studio Furia have been responsible for the conceptualisation of the project. Finally, Marina Romero will be the promoter of Altur Homes.

This project has involved more than 80 people directly and will generate 200 indirect jobs, in addition to 20 permanent jobs.

About Altur Homes

Altur Homes is a company dedicated to the promotion of residential and mixed-use real estate ventures. His projects stand out for their design, high constructive quality and, especially, for adapting each house to the particular needs, housing and comfort requirements of each buyer. Among its distinctive factors, it has a dedicated team of professionals and a large land bank to carry out in each site the most convenient undertaking for those who wish to live in each city. Altur Homes works day by day to be recognised for the excellence of its projects and brands, in terms of architectural design, constructive reliability and user experience.

Contact: Marie-Noëlle Comunicacion – Natalie
626 681 308

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