The Association Leading Property Agents of Spain (LPA) restructures its board of directors “maintaining a project of continuity”

The Association Leading Property Agents of Spain (LPA) restructures its board of directors “maintaining a project of continuity”

The Association Leading Property Agents of Spain (LPA) restructures its board of directors “maintaining a project of continuity”

  • José Carlos León, founder of NVOGA Marbella Realty and re-elected President of LPA
  • One of the long term objectives includes the professionalisation of the industry in order to combat malpractice and unqualified sales within the real estate sector

Marbella, 2nd August 2023.-  The Association of real estate agents on the Costa del Sol, Leading Property Agents of Spain (LPA), which consists of more than 45 real estate agencies, has recently restructured its board of directors, maintaining José Carlos León, founder of NVOGA Marbella Realty, as its President. The vice-presidency is now in the hands of several members of the association, including Chris Clover & Katinka Clover of Panorama Properties, Pia Arrieta & Mariano Beristain of Diana Morales Properties, Mia Pearlman of Affinity Spain and Setareh Mohregi of Gilmar. The other members of the board are: Javier Nieto of Pure Living Properties, Álvaro Botella of Terra Realty, Anke Borchet of Von Poll, Jesús García of Banús Rentals and Roland Gilis of Garu Estepona.

Following this restructuring, León has given thanks to the trust placed in him by his colleagues and has highlighted the value of the journey of these last three years. “In this time, the association has grown from 11 members in 2020, to 45 current members today. In these initial three years, LPA has worked on many projects in order to achieve professionalism, dignity and the recognition of real estate agents, to promote good practice in the sector through formative talks, and courses in the fields of urban planning, taxes, marketing, architecture, tenancy laws and customer service. The first step was to establish quality, training and solvency requirements in order to become a member of the association,” he highlights.

The new board of directors wishes to continue on the same trajectory that has been followed to date, committing unanimously to enhance and improve the well-being of its real estate agencies, from a corporate and ethical perspective, during a time of particular importance, given the current economic and social circumstances. In order to achieve this, they will reinforce the importance given to the continuous training of staff, as the best commitment to the further professionalisation and strengthening of the sector, as well as the growth of its agencies.

“In this new stage, the necessity to continue growing sustainably and out of the collaboration and support between members, has been agreed upon. However, it is also imperative to have in place an adequate legal framework, which professionalises the sector and defends consumer rights to the maximum, establishing a framework of collaboration and work for the creation of a Code of Ethics of Good Practice that internally regulates all real estate agents and the functioning of the sector, while awaiting administrative regulation”, indicates the President of the Association.

Similarly, the new management board has among its priorities the promotion of quality and business ethics through the reinforcement of protocol, leading to offer a service of the highest quality, within the strictest legality along with the fundamental objective of defending the consumer and their best interests.

About LPA

In June of 2020, a group of 11 professionals from the real estate sector, with more than 20 years of experience in the Costa del Sol, founded a group of property developers and real estate agents from the Costa del Sol, Leading Property Agents of Spain (LPA), under whose umbrella, a total of 45 agencies are grouped today.

Since its establishment, LPA has grown as much in members as it has in reputation, adding weight to its stated objective of creating a transparent, cooperative, professional and customer-service oriented real estate sector in this important regional market.

To achieve this, the association applies the latest technologies, tools and knowledge along with traditional, ethical and personalised customer service values.