Salon Spain puts tickets on sale from today for the 28th and 29th May

Salon Spain puts tickets on sale from today for the 28th and 29th May

The event was presented this morning with the support of its organizer, Hein Arts, the general director of Ascari, Melchor Durán, the professional driver Álvaro Fontes, and the head of communications at the Yusto-Giner art gallery, Marta Urrea.

Marbella, 26th April 2016: this morning saw the celebration of the official presentation of the event Salon Spain, a motoring meeting which will take place on the 28th and 29th May at the Formula 1 circuit Ascari, in Ronda. 

The press conference, which took place in the Yusto-Giner art gallery, was supported by its organizer Hein Arts, the general director of Ascari, Melchor Durán, the professional driver, Álvaro Fontes, as the event ambassador, and the head of communications at the art gallery, Marta Urrea. The presence of other important figures from the automobile world should also be pointed out, like the European Nascar driver Salvador Tineo, and ‘Campeonato de España de Resistencia’ driver, Alba Cano.

Arts emphasized the dimension of this coming car gala as constituting the first of future editions and announced that the ticket are available to buy from today on the official website, as well as on the Spanish version and, in a few days time, from that of El Corte Inglés. The organizer explained that there are three types of tickets, with it being possible to attend, eat and even accompany a professional driver on a lap of the track, according to the category / price of the ticket bought. 

In representation of Ascari, Durán underlined that it is to be an astonishing event whose attention, services and support will be the very best as it is the longest Formula 1 circuit in Spain. The general director did not skimp on his praise for the place, which he described as a veritable piece of art, especially in the month of May. He also put special emphasis on the exclusivity that characterizes Ascari; something which means it has become a place specially reserved for selected members of the public. 

Fontes was seen to be delighted to be a part of the weekend, participation which he sees as enabling him to “communicate his passion for the motor”. The driver has encouraged others to join him at a meeting which he feels will be perfect. Words which were added to by Urrea in persuading everyone to attend Salon Spain, an event which has worked closely with the Yusto-Giner Gallery. 


Salon Spain is a gala for the sale of exclusive pre-used automobiles, organized by the company INCA, which focuses on the top tier of the sector, with brands such as Ferrari, Rolls Royce, Porsche, Maserati, Aston Martin, Lamborghini, Bugatti, Scotty, Viper and Bentley, amongst others. A unique, paid, event in Spain, it will be a private affair, where owners and potential buyers will have the opportunity to see a selection of the currently available categories offered on the market, with it being possible to buy, sell and also drive them. 

They estimate that there will be around 700 attendees across the weekend at the circuit in Ronda, where it will be possible to enjoy an unequalled atmosphere amongst authorities, professionals and important figures in the world of speed. In particular, the occasion will attract discerning clients, collectors, buyers, owners and enthusiasts under the pretext of an intimate and attractive event. They will also be able to find motorbikes, as well as other unusual and valuable vehicles. They are considering the possibility of including jets and boats also. During the weekend, there will be an administrative presence in place in order to finalize deals and drive cars away on the very same day. 

The tickets are individual and the price is per day. They are available on the websites:; or by calling the number + 34 603 207 688 (Hein Arts). 

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