REM celebrated its annual awards dinner

REM celebrated its annual awards dinner


On Friday the Fourth REM Awards took place, recognising the most esteemed businesswomen of Marbella

Marbella, 16th December_ This weekend has been very special for the women of Marbella. Every year, the organisation REM (Red de Empresarias y Emprendedoras de Marbella-Costa del Sol-Campo de Gibraltar) puts on an award ceremony that coincides with their annual Christmas meal.

The ceremony took place in the Guadalmina Golf Club and united the most influential businesswomen from the city for an unforgettable evening that welcomed Isabel Cintado, Equality and Diversity Officer of Marbella as well as APYMEM, Apymespa and AMPREM representatives.

The event, one of the most important of the year for the business sector of the Costa del Sol and Campo de Gibraltar, was hosted by Marie-Noëlle Érize (CEO and Director of MN Comunicación), who only a few days ago received the Farola award for businesswoman of the year, in Malaga.

During the night, the president of REM, Myriam Herrera, spoke about the association´s impressive history having only been established for 10 years. In addition, she highlighted the importance of having set up, during this last year, workshop-style events involving people like Bisila Bokoko and Yolanda Ferrer de Gisela, who have passed on their valuable wisdom, with respect to running a family business in the case of Yolanda. REM was born with the aim of creating a network in which all members offered support to each other to generate business not only amongst them, but also with other companies, under the premise that unity is strength.

There were a total of five award categories: ´Best Networker´, ´Most participative partner´, ´Workshop of the year´ y ´Businesswoman of the year´. In addition there was a ´Special REM Award´, which this year was given to Yolanda Sáenz de Tejada. All the winners were decided by REM´s own members who made up a panel, with the exception of the category of ‘Best Networker’, which was chosen by the executive committee.



Yolanda Sáenz de Tejada

Creative in action for genetics, with 18 published books on self-help, novelist and poet, she is an expert in professional female visibility, an entrepreneur, lecturer and utopian. Awarded “mujer motivadora 2015” by the Ministry for Equality and Social Welfare, Yolanda is considered one of the greatest contemporary Spanish poets. Nominated for the seventh consecutive year for “Las Top100 mujeres líderes nacionales “, she is a member of the prestigious network of lecturers “Thinking Heads” and has been named by Womantalent as one of 15 influential women in Andalusia.


Victoria Sánchez Ramos

Sedeño Instalaciones e Ingeniería, now ran by Victoria, is a family company with more than 25 years of operation. A leader in the industrial and household electricity sector, the company is dedicated to electrical installations in general, excelling in the field of high, medium and low voltage, Transformation Centers, domestic air-conditioning as well as hot water.


Lidia Ayllón, “Hotel Holiday Inn Express, Gibraltar”

Lidia has for some time been the director of one of Gibraltar´s leading hotels. Holiday Inn Express Gibraltar is located in the business and technology park in ´las marismas de los Palmones´, and has acted on a number of occasions as a location for REM, for example for the Networking session on “Corporate Social Responsibility”.


Ketty Morilla “Self-insurance”

Ketty leads the Traffic Accident Association in Malaga through lectures aimed to raise awareness among young people. In addition, she dedicates her daily work to Generali Seguros with activities such as baking or singing, where she stands out for her incredible talent.


Mariola Ustaran, “Food Room”

It has been two years since Mariola started the business venture that changed her life. ‘Food Room’ is a place of food-related events for amateurs as well as professionals, a classroom that offers regular courses and workshops in cooking, baking, pastry making, wine and cocktails. It´s the perfect place to delight in learning.