Óbal Urban Hotel: the best location to celebrate Semana Santa

Óbal Urban Hotel: the best location to celebrate Semana Santa

Óbal Urban Hotel: the best location to celebrate Semana Santa

  • The Óbal Urban Hotel has a predicted occupancy over Semana Santa that borders on 95%.
  • The central 4 star hotel in Marbella offers the best balconies for enjoying the parades and an exquisite Vigil Menu.

Marbella, 14 March 2024.The central Marbella hotel has some unbeatable predictions for this Semana Santa: it will border 95% occupancy of its 110 rooms, which cost on average 250 euros per night. Following their reopening two months ago, after a 9 million euro complete refurbishment that has converted the old San Cristóbal hotel into a 4 star hotel and benchmark of the historic centre of Marbella, the Óbal Urban Hotel has unbeatable predictions ahead of the spring and summer season.

In this time of hotel activity, the administrators highlight the magnificent success of the new facilities. Many previous clients have already returned following the 14 months of renovation, and express their approval of the renovations carried-out. The general director, Manuel Murga, told us: “The guests staying are 80% foreigners, with the top sector being the British community, followed by the Francophone. The national audience is preferably Madrilenos that come to the city for business, or better golf players who come to enjoy the multiple courses that Marbella hosts. The occupancy predictions for the big days of Semana Santa, namely, from Maundy Thursday until Easter Sunday, could not be better, despite having fallen this year in the month of March. Due to the news of good weather, we anticipate many last minute reservations that will end up completing the occupancy of the rooms.”

 Óbal Urban Hotel, a bench-mark hotel of the city centre

A large part of this success is due to the experience of the family company SOLVENTO Group, profound experts of the Marbella market since 1961, when they opened the then called San Cristóbal residence, with 58 rooms. Subsequently, in 1970 they expanded with an addition of 44 rooms, receiving the name of Hotel San Cristóbal. Now, known as Óbal Urban Hotel, the Parra family again demonstrate their knowledge and power from the panoramic hotel in the Costa del Sol.

For these dates, Óbal Urban Hotel has wanted to distinguish their offer to have the perfect location to fully experience Marbella ́s Semana Santa. Located in the epicentre of the path through which the parades will pass through, this 4 star hotel offers the best balconies in the city to enjoy the passing of the different brotherhoods with a personalised catering service. Also guests can enjoy a complete Vigil Menu in their Alameda restaurant, or have a cocktail whilst taking in the spectacular views from the RoofTop 360 Blue Sky Bar.

Balconies and Vigil Menu: Semana Santa from the luxury of Óbal Urban Hotel

 The balconies, available from 6:00pm to 10:00pm from Thursday to Saturday, will be located in the second floor bedrooms and will have private catering. This exclusive and personalised service can be offered to between one and eight people per balcony, and has a starting price of 800 euros. The Óbal Urban Hotel balconies can be reserved for Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, and Easter Sunday. Those who choose to enjoy Semana Santa from the balconies will have a unique view of the statues that the various brotherhoods of Marbella will parade.

The Alameda restaurant on the first floor is another option from which to enjoy Semana Santa. From here, Óbal Urban Hotel offers a Vigil Menu, for 45 euros per person, from Maundy Thursday till Easter Sunday with Potaje de Vigilia (chickpeas, spinach, and cod) and creamy cod Buñuelos with a black garlic aioli as individual starters. Afterwards, guests can choose a main dish, from sea bass in coconut sauce or suckling pig with potato chips. For dessert there will be caramelised Torrija with salted caramel ice cream. The menu includes coffee and tea, Eguiluz Crianza red wine, Pablo Claro Chardonnay white wine, Solán Water and Mahou beer.

As well, in the Alameda restaurant guests will be able to enjoy portions of ‘pescaítos’ (small fried fish) from the 27th March until Holy Saturday, from 8:00 pm until 11:00pm.

Another leisure option during Semana Santa in Marbella is the Rooftop 360 Blue Sky Bar, which is extending its hours across the afternoon/evening and offers a selected cocktail menu, and a pool that provides panoramic views of Marbella and the Semana Santa processions.

Whatever your dining choice, you can reserve by calling 952 77 12 50 or through the email info@obalhotel.com.

For further information: prensa@mncomunicacion.com