Marbella technology firm consolidates its appeal and inaugurates a new co-working space project

Marbella technology firm consolidates its appeal and inaugurates a new co-working space project
  • The business centre, The Pool Marbella, owned by a group of international investors, is located in the heart of the Golden Mile in Marbella, on the first floor of the El Corte Inglés shopping centre El Capricho
  • This new type of workspace is committed to providing a collaborative work environment, evolving from the classic concept of offices and transforming into a community of professionals, entrepreneurs, investors and companies

Marbella, 5th May 2023 – Last night, a group of international investors celebrated the opening of a co-working centre in Marbella, named The Pool Marbella, in response to the needs of an ever-growing international resident population who are looking for an alternative workspace, adapted to the demands of a community of emerging professionals. The evening marked the inauguration of the new workspace for entrepreneurs and businesses, offering a total of 24 offices, 161 additional workstations and a surface area of 2200 square metres spread across the first floor of the El Corte Inglés shopping centre El Capricho, on Alfonso de Hohenlohe Boulevard.

The Pool Marbella offers an inspiring and distinct setting, ideal for professionals looking for a workspace in which significant connections can be established. Our main objective is to create a brighter future for the residents of Marbella, placing emphasis on sustainability, innovation, collaboration and positive social impact”, highlighted the businessman Douglas Goullet, founding partner and Chairman of The Pool Marbella. “Situated in a privileged location, The Pool offers exceptional architectural elements and an interior adorned with contemporary art. We are committed to cultivating an environment that fosters both productivity as well as enjoyment for all of our members”, Goullet added.

The Mayoress of Marbella, Ángeles Muñoz; the Director of El Corte Inglés in Marbella, Pedro Martínez; the Head of Institutional Relations for El Corte Inglés, Miguel Sainz, the Director of International Customs and Luxury Development in Eastern Andalucía, Gaël Vignon and the Head of Real Estate for El Corte Inglés, Jesús Guardiola were present at the event. The Executive Promotion Advisor for the agency IDEA, Rafael Tirado; the Honorary Consul of Sweden in Málaga, Isabel Pascual Villamor; the Director of Andalucía Lab, José Luis Córdoba; the President of the Spanish-Swedish Chamber, Thomas Lindeen; the Regional Vice-President of the British Chamber of Commerce in Spain, Derek A Langley; the President of CIT Marbella, Juan José González and the Regional Director of IKEA, Linus Frejd also attended the event, as well as a great number of prominent figures in the city, partners and investors of The Pool Marbella and over 350 guests.

“The Pool Marbella is a guaranteed success which fantastically complements what El Corte Inglés already offers in the El Capricho building. We are extremely satisfied with this partnership”, added the Communications Manager of El Corte Inglés in Andalucía, Eduardo Barrero.

The Mayoress of Marbella highlighted the commitment made by the promoters of this international business centre to the city, emphasising that the facility “is synonymous with progress and innovation, two values that we deeply identify with in Marbella” and added that the project “goes hand in hand with the creation of wealth and employment, and contributes to the further consolidation of our brand as a major player for international digital nomads, who will find a unique place in our city, with a strategic location and all of the commodities and services required”.

In the official opening of the new centre, carried out in communal zones and open auditorium spaces with more than 350 guests, Goullet assured that “what The Pool Marbella offers is something much more valuable than a building, or a work space. It is a community of businesses focused on success.” The founding partner also added, “an environment that encourages talent and self-fulfilment has been created.”

We aim to create a community through monthly events focused on new technology and upcoming ideas. Our mission is to build a group of connections and alliances between the people and businesses that use our workspace,” stated Christian Rasmusson, CEO, Co-founder and partner of The Pool Marbella. This community and the fusion of businesses which occurs between its members provide a “sense of union for the companies located in our centre,” added Rasmusson, “therefore encouraging loyalty and membership consistency“.

“Among the typical clients, it is important to highlight the start-ups, the newly-created technological businesses and the multinational firms, who count on these types of centres to kick-start their business in cosmopolitan Marbella, which as well as good weather, offers direct connections with main European airports, some of the best ranked international schools in the country and offers of accommodation and services of the highest quality,” stated Rasmusson.

The evolution of the space

With this new ‘workspace model’, The Pool Marbella opts for collaborative spaces, going beyond the classic concept of office facilities by transforming them into a community of professionals, entrepreneurs and businesses that drive innovation, creativity and cultural activity. The business model covers the ever-present need in Marbella for a reliable professional space for the development of technological companies, providing value to the city with the opening of this first ‘tech-hub’, which only two months after its opening, has 100% of its private spaces already rented.

The Pool Marbella combines private offices, ‘co-working’ spaces, business clubs, meeting rooms and communal areas. The rent prices range from €175 per month to access the communal zones, €250 for a ‘hot desk’ (flexible place to work) and €450 for a permanently-established workspace. Another service that The Pool offers is membership to its exclusive Business Club; for an annual cost of €595, the members have access to the entire community of entrepreneurs and investors, invitations to events, promotion of their brand or business, discounts on rental spaces and subscription to The Pool´s informative newsletter.

The premises, which previously occupied the first floor of the El Corte Inglés shopping centre for several years, have been remodelled with a construction project costing €1.7 million to adapt the space to the concept of The Pool Marbella.

The arrival of The Pool Marbella is only the beginning of our growth strategy, in which we constantly aim to reach more professionals, in order for them to be able to work in an emerging, international and technological Marbella at the same level of any other European capital”, Rasmusson concluded.


About The Pool Marbella

 Located on the first floor of the El Corte Inglés shopping centre El Capricho, on the Alfonso de Hohenlohe Boulevard, The Pool Marbella was founded by a total of seven entrepreneurs (five Swedes and two locals) – Fredrik Båge, Martin Wettergren, Johan Hedberg, Per Roman, Douglas Goullet, Christian Rasmusson and Thomas Ahlerup – and has various international investors and shareholders.

The Pool opened its doors in February 2023, led by Douglas Goullet, founding partner and Chairman, with support from international independent investors.

With a total of 24 offices, 161 work stations and a surface area of 2200 square metres, the new co-working space is the first “tech-hub” in Marbella with the main objective of providing a professional environment for the development of tech companies in the city.


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