Green Village becomes the largest organic supermarket in Marbella and its surroundings

Green Village becomes the largest organic supermarket in Marbella and its surroundings

Green Village becomes the largest organic supermarket in Marbella and its surroundings

 The new brand has a portfolio of over 5,000 certified references, among which 30% of fresh local products stand out

Marbella, May 4, 2020_ Green Village opens in Marbella becoming the largest organic supermarket in the region, with a portfolio of more than 5,000 certified products ranging from food, cosmetics, dietary supplements, baby food as well as household cleaning products . Green Village also addresses the growing concern of consumers looking for locally sourced products, given that 30% of its fresh products come from local agriculture, with which the company seeks to support these local sources all the way from the primary to the tertiary sector.

The group, which includes some 30 local and national partners as suppliers, began its journey in Spain with the idea of ​​establishing 3 sales models in Marbella with an initial investment of 5 million euros providing 50 direct jobs. They are, Green Village Aloha – Supermarket, that is already open and aimed at the end consumer followed by Green Village Nueva Andalucía – Market, intended for wholesalers and individuals, with bulk sales, which will open after confinement, and finally Green Village Supermarket & Café, planned for the summer, which includes a cafeteria that will be open to the public. For its part,the e-commerce platform is currently under construction, with which they hope to satisfy all online demand. In addition, the project expects an expansion throughout Andalusia with a total of ten stores according to the different models and a total investment of 15 million euros over a period of 8-10 years. Following Marbella, the openings in Malaga, Benalmadena, Fuengirola, Estepona, Seville and Granada are already being studied.

Andalusia is very attractive for businesses like this and has multiple advantages in terms of consumption, distribution and production. The organic sector is one of the most promising sectors in the post-containment period,” says Zineb Laghzuri, CEO of Green Village.

In the short term, the commitment of the promoters of Green Village does not end in the sale of products to the consumer, but rather they are seeking to promote the development of the organic food sector with international investment from Green Marbella Fund. The objective is to mobilize private and institutional investments to develop projects aimed at preserving health and respecting nature.

In this sense, the objective of the Green Marbella Fund is to mobilize a minimum endowment of 100 million euros over the next decade, which will serve to promote around twenty local projects and thus consolidate Andalusia among the leading regions in the organic fields of Europe. Despite the delay in this part of the project due to the current crisis due to the global pandemic, several European residents of the Costa del Sol have already expressed their interest in contributing to this fund.

Green Village opened its doors in the midst of the coronavirus crisis, but this has not prevented it from taking a foothold in the local market through quality organic products, which have become the main protagonists of confinement for all those who have become aware of the importance of a healthy lifestyle. The sale of organic products in some parts of the country has tripled during these weeks.

It is a fact that the health crisis is changing the way of seeing the world and will continue to do so once it passes. The state of alarm has changed the habits of consumers who, trapped at home, are forced to cook for themselves and their families, and want healthy, ecological and allergen-free products. According to experts, consumption is becoming more conscious and sustainable, placing more value on where the product comes from and how it is produced, the social and environmental aspects are gaining in importantance.

From its beginnings ten years ago, Green Village has been clear. Its objective has always been to offer healthy products to increase the well-being of its customers and promote respect for the environment. The company was developed by professionals in the fields of wellness and health. All its products are exempt from pesticides, chemicals and GMOs because it is essential to respect the earth, water and the air of the planet.

A sustainable bet that also has “Chefs for Green”, this central kitchen belonging to the same group, offers and distributes dishes prepared on an organic and dietary basis, always complying with the standards of healthy cooking and well-being according to the Andalusian health registry.

About Green Village:

The company was developed by professionals in the fields of wellness and health, together with a team of experts from diverse cultures and origins who enrich the brand’s knowledge. Green Village is a chain of supermarkets with a decade of experience in the organic sector internationally.

For the first time, Spain is one of the leading countries in the world for organic food products, and the objective of Green Village for 2020 is to have a leading role in the development of the organic market on the Costa del Sol, with the aim of being the No. 1 retailer with the best and most diverse organic products in the region. With ongoing specialty store and green market projects underway, Green Village hopes to create more than 300 indirect jobs.

Marbella and its numerous international communities are the first to discover the Green Village markets and organic cafes, specifically in Aloha and Nueva Andalucía. According to the expansion plan, new stores will be opened on the Costa del Sol in the coming years.


Kinvara Vaughan