FMIT Group increases its headquarters and expands globally with a transformation of its services

FMIT Group increases its headquarters and expands globally with a transformation of its services

Technology companies continue to focus on digital Malaga

FMIT Group increases its headquarters and expands globally with a transformation of its services

  • The Malaga group, with more than 25 years of experience, is a leading company in data analysis, ‘Machine Learning’, artificial intelligence, ´Cloud Computing and circular economy
  • The local company with international projection FMIT Group empowers female talent by incorporating three new directives in each of its business lines
  • The Andalusian city has managed to generate an interworking of digital companies that already rivals that of the most cities important in the world

Malaga 16th of November 2023.- In recent years, Malaga has become a favourite place for technology companies and digital nomads. In 2022, according to data from the Investor’s Office activity balance sheet, 27 companies have settled in Malaga, with an estimated 2,767 jobs created. The technology sector is the third spearhead of the Andalusian economy, behind only Tourism and Agriculture. In addition, the city has made it into the Savills ‘Executive Nomad Index’ ranking, behind only Dubai, and has also been chosen by Forbes as one of the best cities to live in.

With this data, it is a fact that freelancers, startups and technology companies want to set up or consolidate their subsidiary in Malaga. The climate, good communications with other cities and the powerful innovative ecosystem make the capital of the Costa del Sol increasingly attractive for large multinationals and companies in the field of innovation, as is the case of the Malaga-based group FMIT, which this afternoon celebrated the expansion of its offices with an additional floor in the headquarters that, since 2022, has been located at 32 Alameda Principal. This increase of 200 metres squared is linked to the evolution of its services with a subdivision of its business lines into three independent branches that make up FMIT Technologies, which offers solutions for all data engineering and data science needs; Launch4, at the forefront of the revolution in the digital landscape with the provision of comprehensive services focused on the circular data platform, as well as the management of Research and Development (R&D) projects; and FMIT Consulting,    specialising in human resources, office management, marketing, communications, automation and digitalisation.

“Change and digital evolution are inevitable in our sector. And we cannot talk about technology without mentioning the importance of being located in an innovative and technological Malaga. Malaga is becoming an epicentre of innovation and entrepreneurship, with a constantly growing technological ecosystem. Being in Malaga means being at the heart of digital transformation, surrounded by talent and opportunities,” says López Carvajal, DCO of the group.

 More than 70 guests attended the event to see the new facilities of the Malaga-based company founded in 1998. Among the attendees were Alicia Izquierdo, Councilor for Innovation, Digitalization and Investment Attraction of the Malaga City Council; Felipe Romera, General Director of the PTA; Antonio Guerrero, General Director of ESESA; Rafael Tirado, Idea Agency and Mariano Morán Prados, INNOVA IRV; in addition to businessmen from the sector and directors of the main technological institutions in the city.

Commitment to female talent at the top of its management team

Taking advantage of the inauguration of the new offices, the company presented its new business division led entirely by women with Silvia Trillo Ramírez, as CEO of FMIT Consulting, who will be responsible for establishing and leading the comprehensive set of services designed to streamline business operations and maximise efficiency, together with Lucía López Carvajal, as Digitalisation & Communication Officer (DCO) of FMIT Consulting. On the other hand, Inmaculada García Carrasco, a Malaga native with extensive experience in analytics and data architecture companies in the UK, who was already part of the organisation, assumes her new position as CEO of FMIT Technologies. And finally, Katrin Püttmann, a German from Mercedes-Benz, has been appointed CEO of Launch4, the latest business line to join the FMIT Group.

“I am delighted to be the next CEO of FMIT Technologies. Returning to Malaga, the land that saw me grow up and gave me the opportunity to train as a computer engineer, leading a company like FMIT Technologies fills me with pride. I am committed to utilise my international experience to take FMIT Technologies to a new stage, where excellence, creativity and honesty are present in our day-to-day work, thus creating the ideal environment for our diverse community of software engineering experts to continue innovating the service of our clients and society”, says García Carrasco.

 Specifically, from 2020 to 2023, FMIT Group has significantly increased its workforce. The increase has been of more than 40%, exceeding 80 professionals. Of these, a total of 35% are women. This figure means that the company has practically doubled the recruitment of female talent in recent years.

 “Technology and digitisation have revolutionised the way businesses operate. Coupled with the volatility and challenges of today’s world, FMIT Consulting is committed to helping companies adapt and thrive in this new business environment in which we find ourselves. With a focus on innovation and excellence, FMIT Consulting is poised to transform the way businesses operate in today’s ever-changing world. Our services are designed to provide comprehensive solutions that address current and future business needs,” says Trillo Ramirez.

 Data Engineering Solutions

FMIT Technologies is positioned in the network of Data Engineering solution providers with excellence in ‘intelligent data pipelines’. In other words, the core function of this branch of the business is to help clients democratise access to data, breaking down business barriers and providing a holistic view of their capabilities, enabling them to make efficient, reliable and informed business decisions. FMIT Technologies historically builds its winning edge through efficiency in the design, implementation and execution of solutions with high reliability, both in architecture and in project operation and execution, as well as commitment to the goals and success of customers, such as Mercedes-Benz.

“Over the years, we have accumulated in-depth knowledge and experience in state-of-the-art software development. Time and time again we have proven our ability to anticipate our customers’ needs and requirements, and deliver solutions that exceed their expectations. Our skill in creating first versions and prototypes in record time, with our open-minded approach to evolve in the direction desired by the client, is one of the characteristics that makes us stand out. We know that, in an ever-changing world, speed of delivery is of the essence,” says García Carrasco.

Tech Project Incubator

 Launch4, the newest company within the FMIT group, will leverage the group’s research and development activities, intellectual property and proprietary processes. This will build and scale market-leading technology platforms for specific industries and sectors. The initial focus will be on data platforms, Web3-based data management solutions and artificial intelligence for companies and groups of companies, working together in tight supply chains and circular business models. Thus, this enables them to build highly efficient, automated and scalable business models.

“We know that creating new forms of business, especially in the service sector, is essential to address current and future challenges. The transition to a circular economic model is not optional. The circular economy, by generating sustainable and meaningful value for society, is proving to be a transformative approach in the technology sector. Instead of following the traditional linear model of “extract, make, dispose”, technology companies are adopting more circular practices, such as reusing, recycling and extending the life of products. This not only reduces waste and pollution, but also fosters innovation by encouraging the creation of modular and repairable products,” Püttmann concludes.

 About the FMIT Group

The FMIT Group is an innovative Data Engineering company founded in Malaga in 1998. Since its launch, the company has constantly challenged the limits of possibility, creating solutions that empower their clients in the digital world. FMIT transforms Data Supply into tangible and useful knowledge, driving a new era in today’s digital ecosystem.

The company has been providing market-leading technological solutions to corporations around the world for more than 25 years. It specifically focuses on solutions for companies which  use and exploit data and artificial intelligence, to scale business activities and increase data-driven productivity. FMIT’s broad product portfolio includes high-performance data processing infrastructures and search engines; blockchain-based data platforms and solutions for automating data and information management based on artificial intelligence. For many years, FMIT has been a leader in this specific technological field. Since its foundation, FMIT has been committed to promoting and growing Malaga and its engineering talents, and to building leading technology companies and locations in Europe. Quality and attention to detail have made the Spanish company a benchmark in the creation of customised solutions for the automation and provision of business intelligence data.

Backed by top professionals in the sector, FMIT’s cutting-edge technology, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Cloud Computing, among others, together with a deep mastery of data analysis, have earned it an international reputation, attracting collaborations with leading companies in different areas and countries.

Currently, the group has three distinct business lines with FMIT Consulting, specialising in human resources, office management, marketing, communication, automation and digitalisation; Launch4, which provides comprehensive services focused on the circular data platform, as well as Research and Development (R&D) Project Management; and FMIT Technologies, which offers solutions for all data engineering and data science needs.