DY GYM & DY FOOD FOR LIFE, the perfect health and wellness synergy

DY GYM & DY FOOD FOR LIFE, the perfect health and wellness synergy

Both the gym and the restaurant, situated in Centro Plaza, were also enjoyed by the general public on Saturday at the Gym´s own Open Day.

Monday the 18th of January, 2016, Marbella: Last Friday the 15th of January, the grand opening of DY GYM & DY FOOD FOR LIFE, a revolutionary gym and restaurant concept situated in Centro Plaza took place. The commemorative events continued onto Saturday as DY GYM offered a free open day, available to the general public, completely free of charge. This experience gave people the opportunity to get to know Dorian Yates, the gym and its many exclusive installments and machinery up close and personal.

As for the initial celebration, the Mayor of Marbella, José Bernal, gave his help and support throughout the event, and held the honour of cutting the ribbon, officially opening the establishment. The main hosts, also the two co-founding owners of DY GYM, Kamel Rahman (owner) y Dorian Yates (6 time ´Mr.Olympia´champion), also accompanied the Mayor in the cutting of the ribbon, overwhelmed and grateful by the supportive reception they received. Gal Yates, Dorian´s wife and Fitness World Champion was also an integral hostess at the event.

More than 400 people attended the private inauguration. The attendees were mesmerized by the surprises, spectacles and the quality of entertainment, including acrobatic performances, fire and robots amongst others. In addition, all of this amusement was complemented by a catering team, serving foods and products that the public can expect to find in the new restaurant. The guests were mainly individuals linked to the project and personalities from different areas around Málaga.

Present and representing the institutional sector was the MP of the Grupo Popular and deputy of Economics, Finance and Institutional Relations, Francisca Caracuel, and Ana Isabel González de la Torre, a delegate for Economic Development and SME´s. The Coach of the Spanish National Basketball Team, (based in Marbella) and also President of the Cesare Scariolo Foundation, Sergio Scariolo and his wife and vice-president of the charity, Blanca Ares, also attended to give their support to the initiative. A noteworthy attendance was that of model, athlete and Fitness professional, Sergi Constance, and not to mention the presence of ´Spain´s Strongest Man´, Juan Carlos Heredia, or better known as ´El Porruo´.

The grand opening took place both inside the gym and the outdoor area, belonging to Centro Plaza, which was set up especially for the celebration. The DJ from Beach Grooves took over the entertainment throughout the evening, and animated the event ardently until 11pm.

DY Gym will act as a starting point before expanding the brand to places such as London, Miami, Rio de Janeiro, New York, Moscow, Dubai and Budapest. The gym will not only be a magnet on a local scale, but also an extremely positive addition to Marbella, a city in which, according to athlete Dorian Yates “does not yet have a high quality gym”. People from around the world, mainly the EU, the U.S and even China, will visit DY GYM in order to participate in the classes and the certification training course, taught by Yates himself. As a result of Dorian´s nutrition Company, the DY brand already exists, an identity which is now expanding to the likes of the unique gym, the restaurant and the certification training course. An interest and desire in expansion and extension internationally is already on the table, but first, they need to focus on the approval
of the Marbellian public.

Event: Private function for the grand opening of DY GYM MARBELLA

Location: CENTRO PLAZA, Avda. Manolete n.1, Marbella (Málaga)

Date : Friday the 15th of January – Official opening celebration and Saturday the 16th of January- The Open day

Web: www.dygym.com

Facebook: facebook.com/dygym