Engel & Völkers Marbella donates 9 tons of food to Cáritas Marbella for the most vulnerable families

Engel & Völkers Marbella donates 9 tons of food to Cáritas Marbella for the most vulnerable families

Engel & Völkers Marbella donates 9 tons of food to Cáritas Marbella for the most vulnerable families

The real estate agency does its part to show thanks for the support received by the city over  the years

Marbella, December 15th – The best feelings of a large part of society emerge in times of crisis such as the one generated by Covid-19, which makes companies more aware of the problems suffered by many of the residents of their community . To try to alleviate this lack of resources and return part of the support provided to society, Engel & Völkers Marbella has turned this Christmas with a solidarity initiative to distribute nine tons of non-perishable food among disadvantaged families in Marbella. The delivery of the solidarity boxes to Cáritas took place this morning at the Church of the Incarnation in an act in which the councilor for Social Affairs at the Marbella Town Hall, Isabel Cintado; the delegate of resident foreigners, Remedios Bocanegra; the delegate of Social Policies in San Pedro Alcántara, Begoña Rueda, and Mercedes Agüera, representative of Cáritas, were together with the parish priest of the Iglesia de la Encarnación, José Sánchez, and the managing director of E&V Marbella, Smadar Kahana. 

The health emergency experienced during 2020 is one of the hardest tests that humanity has faced in the last century, and has brought with it a financial crisis for millions of people around the planet. For Engel & Völkers Marbella, it is at this time when the mission of a company acquires singular importance, redoubling its efforts to make its commitment to society and the sustainability of the planet more evident.

“In my capacity as managing director of Engel & Völkers Marbella, I have always been involved in solidarity actions, being very grateful for the opportunity given to me to be in a position to help others”, explained Smadar Kahana, emphasising that this year has not been easy for the company either, and that it is far from reaching the goals they had set at the beginning of 2020. “However, at Engel & Völkers we are grateful to have enjoyed real estate in Marbella all these years , one of the main destinations for second homes and residential tourism in the world. For this reason we are pleased to thank this support by giving back, even a small part, to our community, especially on such emotional dates as Christmas. “

 “At Engel & Völkers we have realized that our help and support for our local community is needed more than ever,” Kahana continued. Thus, after contacting the Marbella City Council, it was decided to channel this help through the donation of non-perishable food packages. Each of the thousand boxes distributed contains basic and essential products such as milk, various pastas, olive oil, salt, vinegar, sugar, flour, rice and legumes, tuna, jam … All of them are non-perishable products to guarantee that they can be delivered in excellent condition to all those who need it. Also, and not to forget the dates we are in, nougat is also included, a typical product of these holidays. The initiative has been made possible thanks to the participation of all the agents and staff of the different offices that E&V has in the city, which in the previous days have closed for several hours to be able to participate directly in the preparation of solidarity boxes. Likewise, the agents have also made a collection to buy toys, so that many children are not left without a Christmas present.

For their part, the wholesaler Comerco also wanted to get involved in the solidarity action after learning about the action, and has donated the 1,000 boxes used, also providing extra personnel to collaborate in the preparation of the packages and help in the delivery of the merchandise. 

The solidarity initiative has also been extended to all E&V Marbella clients, who have been able to contribute their grain of sand in the form of an economic donation through direct income to the Cáritas account identified with the tag # EVhelpaction.  The company’s real estate agents have also joined to meet the housing needs of all those neighbors in a situation of exclusion. This money will be used, they explain from the real estate agency, to pay the rent of those families who cannot do it or to collaborate with the payment of the accommodations that are already being made. Another part will also be used to purchase 30 euros gift cards for fresh food, which will also be distributed among families with fewer resources. 

“We wish everyone around the world and especially our community Merry Christmas, good health and we hope that next year will be better for all of us,” concluded Kahana. 

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