AMSUDAN celebrates its annual charity dinner

AMSUDAN celebrates its annual charity dinner


 Next Thursday, October 24, the association AMSUDAN will host their annual charity dinner. Funds raised will be donated to the Mission run by Father José Javier Parladé in the Republic of South Sudan.

Marie-Noëlle Communication organised the press conference on the 7th of October, which served to announce the charity dinner as well as publicise the work of the organisation AMSUDAN.

Marbella, October 7th 2019 – One of the most important charity events to be held on the Costa del Sol is returning once again to Marbella with an annual fundraising dinner. The organisation AMSUDAN was started in 2003 to help the population of South Sudan cope with the enormous struggles they face. The association organises this event year after year, bringing 200 people together to fundraise for this solitary cause. Each year, events such as this one are held throughout Spain to help to raise around €200,000. All funds generated by AMSUDAN go directly to the Yirol mission of Father José Javier Parladé.

Having endured two civil wars in the 70´s and 80´s (when the Republic of South Sudan was still a part of North Sudan), the country has once again found itself in the midst of war. According to the United Nations for Children (UNICEF), it is estimated that there are more than one million children in South Sudan suffering from severe malnutrition and over two million children who do not receive any education. It is in this critical situation that the Comboniano Missionary, Father José Javier Parladé, tirelessly works to improve the lives of the Sudanese people. With the help of Father Parladé, AMSUDAN has built schools so that children can receive the education they deserve, as well as centres for women who are victims of violence, offering them the chance to receive a secondary education as well as gain work skills so to improve their economic situation. AMSUDAN has worked for years with the priority of educating 10,200 students by assembling 16 schools, a kindergarten and 3 women’s centres, since they believe that education is the best form of fighting for human rights and helping a country to develop economically and socially.

Since its conception, AMSUDAN has always had activities in Marbella to help fundraise for various projects. In 2006, the group was formally recognised and its collaborators extended to Madrid, Barcelona, Malaga, Seville, Valencia and Cordoba. In 2010, the Spanish Agency for International Cooperation and Development (AECID) recognised AMSUDAN´s work and registered the association as a Non-Governmental Development Organisation and collaborated with them to build a secondary school for girls in Rumbek, which has gone on to win the prize for the Best School in South Sudan. AMSUDAN has also been classified as a Public Utility Body, which means that donors can exert an important fiscal deduction in their IRPF or in their company tax returns.

AMSUDAN holds its annual dinner in Marbella, where the charity itself was born. This morning the President, D. Juan de Orbaneja and the Treasurer, D. Rafael Ortiz Calzadilla, held a press conference to explain how all AMSUDAN collaborators are in fact volunteers, which means that since operating costs are kept to a minimum, more than 95% of funds raised go directly to missionaries.

The treasurer D. Rafael Ortis gave details about the funds raised for the association; “Since we began, we have raised over three million euros.  Last year, in Marbella alone we raised €21,000.  All of which is destined to projects to help educate women and give them professional training.”

The president of AMSUDAN D. Juan de Orbaneja said how; “Every year a trip is organised to travel to Sudan to see first-hand that the funds are being used correctly.  These trips to Sudan as well as all other expenses are paid for by the volunteers and organisers themselves.” They also mentioned that the annual accounts of AMSUDAN are submitted for an independent audit. Both the President and the Treasurer emphasised that without the financial support of AMSUDAN, Father José Javier Parladé would not be able to carry out his admirable work. They also highlighted the importance of this mission in fighting the serious problem of illegal immigration into Europe, which can be reduced if opportunities are given to improve living conditions in the Republic of South Sudan, thus eliminating the need for the Sudanese people to emigrate.

This dinner is for a magnificent cause and is taking place on the 24th of October at 8:30pm in Trocadero Arena, Marbella. Ticket price is €100 for the sit down dinner however they are also offering a more informal cocktail dinner for €60 and can be purchased via fila Cero in Bankinter, with account number ES59 0128 0799 34 0100004325.  For more information you can contact the association directly on 952 933 140.