The Mayor of Malaga, Francisco de la Torre, receives the Maimónides Award

The Mayor of Malaga, Francisco de la Torre, receives the Maimónides Award
  • Francisco de la Torre receives this distinction for his 22 years of professional career in Malaga City Council and for making the city a national and international benchmark for culture, technology, tourism, and transformation.
  • The Association of Friends of Tel Aviv University presented the 5th Maimonides Award at a charity gala held at the Grand Hotel Miramar 5* GL.
  • Proceeds from the gala will go towards scholarships for Spanish students wishing to study at Tel Aviv University.

Malaga, 18 March 2023. – The Association of Friends of Tel Aviv University presented the 5th Maimonides Award to Francisco de la Torre Prados, Mayor of Malaga, in recognition of his 22 years of professional career in Malaga City Council, which have enabled him to undertake a real transformation of the city.

The event, which took place at the Grand Hotel Miramar 5* GL, and with the sponsorship of Antima Homes and Wennare Art Productions, was a great success with the attendance of authorities such as Prof. Ariel Porat, President of TAU (Tel Aviv University); Juan Dircie, Director for Latin America and Spain of TAU; Sergio Cuberos, President of the Chamber of Commerce of Malaga; Gemma del Corral, Territorial Delegate of Culture, Tourism and Sports of the Andalusian Government in Malaga; María Jesús Morales, Manager of the University of Malaga; Estrella Bengio, President of the Community of Madrid; as well as some of the Maimónides Award winners of previous editions: Father Ángel, Dr. Pedro Cavadas and Dr. Luis Enjuanes. In addition to other local, national, and international authorities and personalities.

Rodica Radian-Gordon, Ambassador of Israel in Spain and Andorra, delivered her message to the Mayor of Malaga, stressing the work of Francisco de la Torre, which goes beyond the physical work, to the point of making Malaga transcend as a national and international reference, and highlighted “the cultural and economic boom that the city has experienced in recent decades due to a profound transformation that has been taking place thanks to the driving force behind this important development”.

In the same vein, Prof. Ariel Porat, president of Tel Aviv University, praised the technological level of the city, and confirmed that “with this formal act the agreement between the University of Malaga and Tel Aviv University is resumed in order to work together in research and training. The aim of this agreement is to open the way for the signing of future specific agreements that will allow the mobility of students, teachers, and researchers, the carrying out of joint training and cultural activities, as well as the carrying out of research work and projects”.

For her part, Patricia Nahmad, president of the Association of Friends of the TAU in Spain thanked de la Torre: “You have our thanks on behalf of all Malagueños and residents who have seen the city and province of Malaga grow to standards unimaginable 20 years ago”.

As in all other editions, all proceeds from the gala will go towards scholarships for students wishing to study at the University of Tel Aviv.

One of the most emotional moments of the evening was the Mayor of Malaga City Council receiving the award from Patricia Nahmad and Isaac Querub, Honorary President of the Association of Friends of Tel Aviv University, and the previous winners, Father Ángel, Dr. Pedro Cavadas and Dr. Luis Enjuanes, who also took to the stage to congratulate him.

After the award ceremony, Francisco de la Torre addressed a few words of thanks to the Association and to Tel Aviv University, highlighting the great work of both. De la Torre thanked the Association of Friends of Tel Aviv University for the award and stated that he sees it, rather than as a personal distinction, as recognition of the transformation of Malaga achieved through the work of all, thanks to the sum of institutional collaboration and the drive of private initiative. The mayor said he was proud of what Malaga has achieved in the last two decades, especially in the fields of culture, technology, and tourism. “The city, he added, has an enormous potential that was not seen or recognized in some areas, and which is now unanimously perceived on a national and international scale, hopefully with the visibility that would give us the chance to be chosen in June for Expo 2027. Now, we must redouble our efforts to manage new challenges, above all in terms of sustainability, not only environmental but also social and economic”, concluded De la Torre.

After the presentation of the award, the evening was enlivened by a music and dance performance by Wennare Art Productions, featuring leading international artists. The performance consisted of a piano solo of Franz Liszt’s “Rigoletto concert paraphrase”, followed by a classical dance performance of “The Swan” and a subsequent performance of “Le Grand Tango” by Astor Piazzolla. of Astor Piazzolla’s “Le Grand Tango”. The programmed ended with the Song of the Toreador from the Opera Carmen Georges Bizet.


The Maimonides Prize is awarded by the Association of Friends of Tel Aviv University in Spain, in recognition of the work of personalities or entities in favour of harmony, understanding between peoples and coexistence. All these values are the flagship of Tel Aviv University, where thousands of students of all nationalities and religious denominations study.

This award aims to give visibility to those who dedicate their lives to making other people’s lives easier in favour of real integration and the enhancement of the best of humanity. At a time when ideological polarization seeks any excuse to deepen differences, the Association of Friends of Tel Aviv University wants to highlight what unites us as human beings and to this end, the Maimonides Award is a distinction to individuals, institutions or companies that work in favour of social integration and diversity.


The Association of Friends of Tel Aviv University in Spain is a non-profit organization whose aim is to build bridges in the fields of culture, education, science and research, and technology between Spain and the prestigious Tel Aviv University (TAU).

The Association is formed by a heterogeneous and cosmopolitan group of people, among its members there are nationalities from all over the world with a common trait: love for science and knowledge.


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