Estepona’s Mercado de Abastos triumphs in its first month after its reopening

Estepona’s Mercado de Abastos triumphs in its first month after its reopening

Estepona’s Mercado de Abastos triumphs in its first month after its reopening

  • More than 1,500 tapas were served during the Ruta de la Tapa, showing the popularity and culinary quality of the market.
  • In the first days of May they welcomed ‘Cucini da Me’ and ‘No Mames Wey’, expanding what’s on offer in the market with authentic Italian and Mexican flavours.
  • In the coming days, to complete the international cuisine options, the opening of the sushi bar ‘Nakara’ is planned.
  • The market is preparing a special event for the 15th of May, the celebration of Saint Isidore the Labourer, with a dinner with a show, supporting the tradition and the local community.

Estepona, 6th of May 2024. – The Mercado de Abastos in Estepona has revolutionised the local culinary scene after barely a month since its grand opening, promising to continue its success with a special celebration for the upcoming Saint Isidore day. With an extraordinary welcome during Semana Santa and a highlighted role in the Ruta de la Tapa, the market has established itself as an important centre for gastronomy and culture within the region.

Hazel Gormley-Leahy, director and founder of the Mercado de Abastos in Estepona, comments: “We are extremely proud of how the community has welcomed the market. Each restaurant not only serves food, but creates experiences that reflect the diversity and richness of our culinary culture. We are excited to continue offering a space where locals and visitors alike can enjoy the best of our cuisine.”

Estepona’s economic growth

Estepona, located in the prestigious golden triangle with Marbella and Benahavís, strengthens itself as one of the most dynamic destinations in Andalusia and in Spain, in both economic and social terms. According to data from the City Council, the town achieved a record surplus of 30.25 million euros last year, which marks the best economic outcome on record. The full report reveals that the budget stability is situated at 14.9 million euros, while the treasury’s surplus reached a new maximum of 37.8 million euros. This surplus will allow the execution of the largest productive investment plan in the history of Estepona, with extraordinary credits and credit supplements passed for a value of 9,430 million euros. These investments will be used to improve urban infrastructure, including tarmacking, museums, sports facilities and the expansion of the coastal path.

Private investment has also played a crucial role in the economic development of the city. Estepona, following the ‘gourmetisation’ trend seen in many European cities, has opted for the renovation and modernisation of its Mercado de Abastos, making it a meeting point for locals and visitors alike, and an example of how the city is taking advantage of its resources to improve what’s on offer for tourists. The market doesn’t just offer fresh and quality products, but also serves as a cultural and social landmark, where visitors can enjoy authentic gastronomic experiences and take part in local cultural events.

In summary, the combination of solid fiscal management, strategic private investments and innovation in traditional spaces, like in the mercado de abastos, is putting Estepona on the world map as a growing economic and tourist destination. The city offers not only an ideal place for tourism and investment, but is also an example of how traditional and contemporary ideas can fuse to create a modern and sustainable city, adapted for the future.

First month outcome

The opening of the market coincided with a spectacular Semana Santa, attracting numerous visitors in search of an authentic and diverse culinary experience. The participation in the Ruta de la Tapa has been a notable experience, with more than 1,500 tapas served, showing the quality and charm of the local food.

At the start of May, two new culinary spaces were also opened that are already making a mark: ‘Cucini da Me’, which offers exquisite creations from Italian cooking, and ‘No Mames Wey’, a stand that offers the best of Mexican cooking at an affordable price, with dishes not exceeding 10€, including the possibility of enjoying two tacos for 4€, or a burrito for only 6€. Both restaurants are directed by executive chef Robin Hall and are part of a gastronomic proposal that includes other restaurants such as ‘Crú’, ‘Fred’s Bar’ for tapas, and ‘Bar de Fuegos’.

As well, the market houses ‘Ikan’, a space that offers an exclusive experience through prior reservation, limited to 24 guests per lunch and dinner service, guaranteeing an intimate atmosphere and personalised attention.

But the new changes don’t stop there. In the next few days, the opening of ‘Nakara’ is planned to go ahead, a sushi bar which promises to be a culinary oasis for fans of sushi and japanese cuisine. With a firm commitment to excellence, ¨every ingredient used in their creations, from premium quality tuna to meticulously selected rice, they choose with care to guarantee a sublime gastronomic experience in each and every visit,¨ outlines the founder of the new market.

Celebration for Saint Isidore the Labourer

Taking a look at future events, the market is preparing for an exceptional celebration for the day of Saint Isidore the Labourer, on the 15th of May coming. A special dinner with a show has been organised, which requires prior reservation and offers a fixed menu for a price of 40€.

During this holiday the market will be closed, but there will be a bar, as well as a taco and choripan stand at the entrance, to provide tasty food for those who want to enjoy the festive holiday. The event’s main objective is to strengthen links within the community and honour local traditions. ¨An enthusiastic response from the public is expected, in line with the positive reception that similar events have had since our opening¨, states Gormley-Leahy.

The Mercado de Abastos in Estepona has established itself not only as a gastronomic landmark, but as a real cultural heart which beats to the rhythm of Estepona. With continuous events and an ever-expanding culinary offering, the market is shaping up to be a must-see destination for all good food lovers.

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