Triple exhibition of the FAA in the Kasser Rassu gallery

Triple exhibition of the FAA in the Kasser Rassu gallery

The great success of the FAA in the gallery and showroom of Kasser Rassu in Marbella. The artists Mariano Ruiz Cecilia and Augusto Moreno exchanged views on their work with those who attended the event.

Marbella, August 7, 2014: Yesterday saw the presentation of an exhibition specialising in Andalusian art at the Kasser Rassu gallery and showroom, sponsored by the Al-Andalus Foundation

The event was attended by over a hundred connoisseurs and lovers of art who did not want to miss the opportunity to discuss the work with those artists whom were present. Attendees were greeted by one of the owners of the gallery, Shahed Kavousi as well as some representatives of the FAA.

The show, with stunning images, collectively assembles pieces from artists such as Mariano Ruiz Cecilia, Augusto Rodrigo Moreno and José María Rodrigo Moreno. The art work in this exhibition hall will remain available until the 1st of September (with free access for collectors and those with a particular interest in art).

The three artists have been selected by the FAA for their quality and ability to fulfil the values of the foundation. This artistic and cultural institution( is a non-profit organisation with the aim of promoting the cultural heritage of Andalusia whilst establishing agreements and synergies for action within the Persian Gulf and with those who have great historical significance in the development of Al-Andalus, and the promotion of artists and writers, and in general, all people whom can relate to the Arab world.

Kasser Rassu has demonstrated with this exhibition that they continue on the path of being the centre of reference for contemporary and avant-garde art, both throughout Marbella and the Costa del Sol. Since opening in 2010, the gallery has hosted many artists within their space on Marbella’s Golden Mile (opposite the Hotel Marbella Club), ensuring Kasser Rassu have gained confidence among a wealth of connoisseurs and collectors.Kasser Rassu feature an eclectic portfolio of contemporary paintings, photography, prints, sculptures and new media, combined with a sense of heritage and showcasing both local and international talent.

A brief overview of the life and career of the creators on display:

Mariano Ruiz Cecilia is considered one of the greatest representatives of the most innovative pictorial art in Andalusia. Mariano is a native of Jaén, where he owns a farm museum; an extremely important factor as he is considered to be the author of this earth. Despite leading a life at home, he has managed to internationalise his art, and is currently in high demand in countries such as the USA and Italy.

Augusto Moreno Rodrigo is an artist from Granada who has a degree in Fine Art (in the fields of painting and sculpture), in 1987, he made the decision to join his father’s workshop. As a result he has excelled in making sculptures in forged and welded plate. He also develops very original paintings, taking a particular interest in the various technical procedures involved. His work has been exhibited in many major cities throughout Spain and as a result has gained a vast amount of public recognition.

José María Rodrigo Moreno also joined his father’s workshop in 1987; he studied Fine Art at the same university as his brother, but with a focus solely on sculpture and specialising in goldsmithing. Examples of his work include the Throne of the Most Holy Corpus Christi Cathedral of Granada and the crown of the Virgin of Sorrows in Santa Maria de la Alhambra. José takes a particular interest in a wealth of environmental issues, and is working on a collection of insects on a big scale, some of which can be seen at the Kasser Rassu exhibition.