The ‘Red Emprendedoras de Marbella y Campo de Gibraltar’ lunch with Lourdes Ribes

The ‘Red Emprendedoras de Marbella y Campo de Gibraltar’ lunch with Lourdes Ribes

The ‘Red de Emprendedoras de Marbella y Campo de Gibraltar’ defends the role of the women in business on the occasion of International Women´s Day. Today a lunch and presentation took place, given by the President of the Association Business Professional Women of Barcelona, Lourdes Ribes.

Marbella, 10th March 2016: the ‘Red de Emprendedoras de Marbella y Campo de Gibraltar’, REM, today celebrated a lunch at Ambrosía Gourmet Market. The meeting was in order to celebrate International Women´s Day.

The event included the special presence of the Delegate of Trade, Economic Development and SMEs, Ana Isabel González de la Torre, and, in representation of the Partido Popular (People’s Party), José Eduardo Díaz.

Furthermore, a presentation was given, called ‘Women-Economy Binomial’, by the President of the Association Business Professional Women of Barcelona, Lourdes Ribes. The director, who was evidently very grateful to attend the meeting, noted that we are facing a society in which “women create businesses, they make money…”, something that we know in depth since “in the Institute of Statistics there is no differentiation between genders as far as the economy is concerned”. ”Yes, we know, on the other hand, the difference between both sexes in terms of their salaries, figures which house Social Security’, she added. Ribes said that the reason is unknown for why “they don’t collect them, or if they do collect them they don’t reveal the figures”, however she defended her launch with the aim “of finding out in what way women contribute to the current economy in the creation and consolidation of businesses”. “We need an intelligent economy at the service of a society formed just as much by women as by men”, she underlined. 

The President of REM, Cristina Mintegui, herself underlined the importance of “giving visibility to the role of the woman within the global economy”, something that “Lourdes made a clear balance of in her speech”.

After lunch, a debate and a Networking activity were enjoyed, two of the most practised activities by such an organization.

REM was born in 2009 thanks to the initiative of various businesswomen of Marbella, who decided to join forces and utilize the alliance that was formed between them. With the clear aim of promoting relationship marketing, REM shaped a network of support and promotion between the associated businesses. Amongst the scheduled tasks, they hold two monthly meetings, one in Marbella and the other in the Campo de Gibraltar, in which each associate has the opportunity of introducing their business, extending their contact network, alongside that of passing references and business opportunities to others in a selfless, generous manner, without forgetting to acknowledge contacts that they have received. Currently, it covers the area from Málaga to Cádiz and Gibraltar, and has about 120 members.

In 2012 they joined forces with the platform Business Professional Women (BPW) Spain, a global organization which encompasses the various BPW clubs in Spain, of which REM is that of the BPW Costa de Sol y Campo de Gibraltar, and which is characterized by their being a nonprofit, non-racist, nondenominational and non-partisan association. It is currently comprised of many associations of female entrepreneurs, professionals and directives, which are united by the principles of equality in opportunities at professional, business, political and societal levels. Their primary objective is the development of female leadership at a global level. Members are offered the possibility of sharing experiences, acquiring knowledge of other cultures and sharing emotions with businesswomen, professionals and female entrepreneurs from the five continents. BPW has consultative status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations and participant status in the Council of Europe. Their members include businesswomen, professionals, influential leaders, executives and young entrepreneurs from more than 100 countries.

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