The musical “Together for a Dream” will raise funds for the fight against cancer

The musical “Together for a Dream” will raise funds for the fight against cancer

Tickets are now on sale for this charitable play performed by students of Marbella and Malaga.

Marbella 11th of December 2014: This morning the press conference for the musical “TOGETHER FOR A DREAM” took place. The performance is set to be held on Sunday the 21st of December at the Marbella City Theatre at 6:30 pm. This project, performed entirely by children from the province, have devoted their entire collection to the CESARE SCARIOLO FOUNDATION, which since 2008 has helped to support small children affected by oncological diseases and their families. The tickets, worth fifteen euros, are now on sale at the two participating schools: El Limonar School (Malaga) and Laude San Pedro International College (Marbella).

Involved in today’s act were the representatives of the main promoting entities. Firstly, the municipal delegate of Culture and Education, Carmen Diaz, who stated “(…) this musical is the best way to start Christmas (…) and it is on days like this we live with more hope and enthusiasm towards these types of projects”. She truly appreciated the beautiful title of the play, in her opinion, “(…) was full of solidarity towards the little ones”. She also encouraged other schools in the city to join this initiative in future editions.

The president of the foundation, Sergio Scariolo, thanked her for the generosity as well as the effort of Marbella town hall, participating schools and their students, and all the people who have made this first edition in Marbella possible (although it has been celebrated in Malaga for several years). He particularly highlighted the fact that this year’s musical scene takes on a special date the 21st of December, declared NATIONAL DAY OF CHILDREN WITH CANCER; finally Remedios López and Emilio Alcázar intervenid, directors of Laude San Pedro International College and El Limonar School, emphasising the dual role of this project. On one hand, the practical help children affected by cancer receive and, on the other, other values ​​received by students involved in the development of the play. The director of Laude stated “this is the first year we have participated and it is an honour for us. We welcomed the idea with great interest. (…) There are values ​​that make children good people in later life, such as solidarity and the knowledge that sometimes there are people who particularly need the help of others”; he also wanted to add “as it is a musical performed by schools, let’s try and ensure that the families and all that attend have a great time.”

The director of the El Limonar in Malaga explained that the school has been working with the CSF since 2010 and that their involvement in the founding was in fact a proposal made by a mother of school itself. He said even his school, like many others, has had students who have been sick with cancer. With children “we must instil collaboration in real problems,” he noted. Among the values benefiting the children that participate in the play he wanted to highlight not only solidarity but also the importance of “(…) having a joint goal and working on the idea of ​​becoming a group”. In closing his speech he made known his own personal experience when he visited the children and their families through the circumstances of this disease in the Maternity Children´s Hospital of Malaga and how he has collected “their faces and words of gratitude” for this generous initiative from child to child.

The play “TOGETHER FOR A DREAM”, approximately two hours in length, consists of several blocks. Part of which the children of Malaga will be in charge, led by Salvador Moyano; around forty students will take to the stage whose repertoire is based on the American movie “Rock of the Ages” that was reviewed the best rock discography of the eighties. From the Marbella school around twenty students together with their stage director, Karen Fellice Guarnieri, have prepared some of the most influential songs featured in two musical classics: “CATS” and “West Side Story”.

This theatrical proposal also has the solidarity of Marbella local companies such as Carrefour express, Viveros Guzman Stael and Isoluz. Cesare Scariolo Foundation and Marie-Noëlle Communications agency have been in charge of the organisation of this event.

For individuals unable to attend the musical a charity bank account has been set up for those who may wish to contribute to CSF: UNICAJA: 2103 0250 21 0030004983.

Location: Marbella City Theatre

Date: 21st of December

Time: 6:30 pm

Duration: Approx. 2 hours

Entry fee (donation): 15 Euros