The first exhibition of the Foundation Al-Ándalus

The first exhibition of the Foundation Al-Ándalus

Moreno and Amesa share the success of the first exhibition of the Foundation Al-Ándalus. “El Mediterráneo como tierra de pasión” surprises with its originality and beauty.

Marbella, 4th of April: Today the Kasser Rassu gallery hosted the exhibition “El Mediterráneo como tierra de pasión”, organised by the Al-Ándalus Art and Cultural Foundation with Amesa (Antonia Mesa) the painter and the sculptor Miguel Moreno. The exhibition will run until May the 1st, from 11am until 2pm Monday to Friday, and evening viewings are by appointment only by calling 609-556-644 (Dana).

The painter Amesa* selected her pieces of work which most represent “El Mediterráneo como tierra de pasión” for this exhibition. Her works illustrate the 14 year study she has carried out of how light is perceived on the walls, water and land in cities around the world. For this painting she wanted to focus on the impact of light on the walls and the Mediterranean lands, capturing the essence of its origin and its strength, also noting the presence of humans. All of this is interspersed with very colourful geometric elements, which are capable of expressing the various feelings of human beings. To carry out her work she has been in collaboration with Angel Ruiz for art photography, and Irene Reyes Mesa in glass processing.

The sculptures exhibited by Miguel Moreno** are a selection of torsos made of forged and welded plate, which were carved with the development of his own technique, very innovative and progressive. He won the first prize at the VII International Triennial Small Sculptures of Budapest (one of the most prestigious sculptural awards). The movements in each of the sculpted bodies fits in with the symbolism of the characters (Las Tres Gracias, El Triunfo, etc.), being a major contribution to contemporary art and offering a new vision of classicism.

The numerous attendees of the exhibition expressed enthusiasm and admiration for the “original”, “unique” and “beautiful” works, showing what future exhibitions organised by the Al-Ándalus Foundation will offer. Both artists have highlighted the quality of their work and artistic ability.

This is the first of a series of events that the Al-Ándalus Foundation*** intends to carry out during the year to bring the Andalusian art into the cultures of both sides of the Mediterranean.

*The Andalusian painter Antonia Mesa, better known as Amesa, currently represents the artistic avant-garde of abstraction, especially in relation to studies on the impact of light on the Arab walls of the city of Marrakesh and the so-called Valley of the Moroccan roses. All the themes closely relate to the aims of our foundation. She has exhibited her work in cities of virtually every continent, Bosnia, Imatra (Finland), Hamburg (Germany), Havana (Cuba), Acqui Terme (Italy); Santiago de Chile, Hioto (Japan), and so on.

**Miguel Moreno is an artist with an impeccable track record and a wide range of national and international awards, which highlight his unique and fruitful career. Undoubtedly, he is one of the leading sculptors in the world and one of the few who have created a school, and done so with his children José María and Augusto and founded the workshop named after him in Granada. He is not only an inspiration but a benchmark for a whole generation of artists from around the world who see his work as the perfect reflection of art in its purest form.

***The Al-Ándalus Art and Cultural Foundation is a non-profit organisation that aims to promote and publicise the cultural, palpable and abstract heritage of Andalusia, establishing agreements and alliances for action with the Arab world and especially with the people who have had special historical significance in the development of Al-Andalus. As well as the promotion of artists and writers, and in general, all people that relate to the Arab world. The Al-Ándalus Foundation intends to organise a series of events to promote and publicise the Arab culture in Andalusia, specifically in the province of Malaga, as the headquarters are situated in Marbella.

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