TAU leaves Spain having fulfilled a busy itinerary of appointments

TAU leaves Spain having fulfilled a busy itinerary of appointments

The main highlights of TAU´s second official visit were the seminars regarding medical advances in the curing of orphan or rare diseases.

Marbella, Friday 3rd July 2015.- Tel Aviv University´s second official visit, which took place mainly in the Costa del Sol, came to an end yesterday. The party spent a ´fruitful, satisfying week´ in Spain, according to its representatives, with a busy agenda full of scientific, institutional and business events, as well as some friendly meetings. 

Standing out most on the itinerary, from a scientific, but more specifically, a medical perspective, were the seminars offered by two highly regarded scientists at TAU – professors Orna Elroy-Stein and Miguel Weil -regarding the illnesses commonly known as “orphan or rare diseases.” The first talk took place on 29th June at Malaga´s Technology Park, for an audience of scientists from BIONAND (Andalusian Centre for Nanomedicine & Biotechnology); whilst the second was presented on the following day at Marbella High Care Hospital and had a more informative style as it was open to the general public.  Doctor Elroy-Stein also wanted to show deference toward people suffering from these illnesses, as well as their families, by promoting a private meeting with families from Salamanca, Murcia, Jaen and Malaga who wanted her to explain in depth the advances made so far in the research of said illnesses. 

The team was made up of Amos Elad, TAU´s vice-president, Herman Richter, representative for Latin America and Spain, the aforementioned researchers and PhD student Melissa Herrero.The vice-president, Mr. Elad, announced in public that, “strengthening the ties between the university communities in the world is fundamental” and “knowledge is built through sharing”. This was the basis of TAU´s recent visit to Spain, like the one held last year. The University of Tel Aviv usually sponsors these representative trips to around 30 delegations that it has spread out across approximately 20 countries. They currently have links in France, Australia, Brazil, U.S.A., India, Mexico and Sweden, among others. 

During the visit, the delegation made several appointments with public and private entities to improve its diplomatic and trade relations. On 29th June, TAU´s representatives were were received by the mayor of Malaga, Francisco de la Torre, who treated them very honorably last year too. In this most-recent trip,  Torremolinos’ new town councilor José Ortiz has assumed a more official profile, as well as the fourth deputy mayor Francisco Javier Porcuna. They all showed an interest in different aspects of Tel Aviv University and a good cooperative spirit for future visits. There was also time to arrange meetings with different entrepreneurs based in Spain, particularly in the Costa del Sol.   

The party was received and accompanied at all times by Patricia Nahmad, president of TAU´s only Spanish delegation: Tel Aviv University´s Friends Association in Spain (which is based in Marbella). This partnership was established this year “with great enthusiasm and the main objective of highlighting the many projects that TAU develops in the different fields of human knowledge,” according to its best representative.