Selected opens their first store in Puerto Banús

Selected opens their first store in Puerto Banús

The outlet officially opened last December supported by a flagship independent distributor, and has become the firm’s first establishment.  


At the centre of it all, yesterday Thursday 7th July they released 3 new clothes lines into their stores: Indigo, Heritage and Identity

Marbella, 8th July 2016. – The masculine fashion firm Selected, part of the Bestseller group, yesterday 7th July opened their first store in Puerto Banús. The outlet officially opened their doors last December with the support of a flagship independent distributor, which marked the brand´s first ever establishment in Spain.

This transition process is the result of a strategic plan developed by the company, with the aim that by 2017 they will have 30 fully functioning stores all over Spain.Soon they will merge and unite with an authorised distributor they work with in Palma de Mallorca, as well as progressing with two more by the end of the year.  

With an investment of more than €50,000 this new project has been made possible. This funding adds roughly 200,000 to the initial capital of the operation, which consequentially invested in a motive for the opening of an up-and-running outlet by the end of 2016. 

In order to commemorate their focus and plans of expansion, yesterday Selected hosted a special event not only to show the attendees where the outlet is located, but also offered an exclusive discount for guests at the event if they wanted to buy some of the outfits.

Within the store´s 164m2area of floor space, there are 3 different fashion lines on display: Identity – The most elegant of the 3 that include tailored items of clothing; Heritage – More classic garments with a modern and urban look; and Indigo – dominated by tones of blue and denim fabrics that is primarily aimed for men less concerned with elegant clothing.

This company continuously aspires to accomplish their ambitious expansion plan they created last year. The overall hope is that they will have 30 Premium outlets by the end of 2017 and more than 60 small stands in certain department stores, for example El Corte Inglés. In reality Selected already currently have 25 small stands; however they estimate that in 2-3 years they will have infiltrated into the modern giants and names in fashion.


SELECTED / HOMME is the counterpart men´s clothes brand to SELECTED FEMME / HOMME. The Danish unisex fashion brand designs modern high quality clothes for men and women. SELECTED HOMME satisfies the needs for the modern man with 3 different lines: Identity, Indigo y Heritage. With strong roots in the clothing industry, SELECTED offers all types of clothing from jeans and leather jackets to 3-piece suits.

MN Comunicación invited the guests and were in charge of communication.