Press conference to present the Al-Andalus Foundation

Press conference to present the Al-Andalus Foundation

The Al-Andalus Foundation is presented in Marbella. Andalusia and the Arab countries unite their cultures through this organisation.

Marbella, 19th of March 2014: This morning the art gallery Kasser Rassu held the presentation of the Al-Andalus Artistic and Cultural Foundation. The President of the foundation, Bashir Habbal, the Vice President, Dana Nakib, and the Public Relations Director, Marie-Noëlle Erize all attended this event.

The Al-Andalus Artistic and Cultural Foundation ( is a non-profit organisation that aims to promote and publicise the cultural, palpable and abstract heritage of Andalusia establishing agreements and alliances for action with the Arab world and especially with the people who had great historical significance in the development of Al-Andalus, and the promotion of artists and writers.

As the president said “the Al-Andalus Foundation is an organisation whose goal is to promote, advertise and spread the Andalusian culture through its protagonists, the artists, as in the case of our next exhibition, “El Mediterráneo como tierra de pasión” which opens on Friday the 4th of April at 8pm in the gallery Kasser Rassu. The artists Antonia Mesa “Amesa” * and the prestigious internationally renowned sculptor Miguel Moreno will be participating ** “.

According to Habbal, both delegations of Culture and Tourism in the Town hall of Marbella know and support the foundation and the various projects that are being developed in the coming year. “For now we can say that in June there will be an exhibition in the Cortijo Miraflores involving important Andalusian artists from the foundation”, he said.

The foundation is continuously developing the project “One culture, two shores” for the purpose of organising a large scale event to reunite the two cultures separated by time and history. In regards to this the foundation have already been in contact with Princess Nawar Al Qassimi, the niece of Princess Hoor Al Qassimi (Arab Emirates) who is the president of the Sharjah Art Foundation. This initiative is expected to develop over the month of November this year.

The foundation will also be organising other exhibitions outside Marbella, in different cities of Andalusia (Granada, Cordoba, …) as well as in Arab countries.
Nevertheless, due to its social and cultural aims, the foundation wishes to engage with other responsibilities, “we are committed to donating part of the profits of our exhibitions to other foundations. In this case we wanted to strengthen our relationship with Cudeca Foundation because we believe they perform invaluable work both to the palliative patients and their families, “said Habbal.

* The Andalusian painter Antonia Mesa, better known as Amesa, currently represents the artistic avant-garde of abstraction, especially in relation to studies on the impact of light on the Arab walls of the city of Marrakesh and the so-called Valley of the Moroccan roses. All the themes closely relate to the aims of our foundation.

Miguel Moreno ** is an artist with an impeccable track record and a wide range of national and international awards, which highlight his unique and fruitful career. Undoubtedly, he is one of the leading sculptors in the world and one of the few who have created a school, and done so with his children Maria and Jose Augusto.
In fact, our logo is inspired by the work of this remarkable sculptor. He is not only an inspiration but a benchmark for a whole generation of artists from around the world who see his work as the perfect reflection of art in its purest form.