Press conference for the Dynamic Walk-a-Thon

Press conference for the Dynamic Walk-a-Thon

Eva Longoria, Sergio Scariolo and Fernando Romay will participate in the philanthropic walk . Adidas creates a special limited addition shirt for the Marbella-Dynamic-Walk aThon.

Marbella, 12th of July 2012: The Dynamic Walk-a-Thon will take place on the 18th of August in Marbella. Eva Longoria amongst other celebrities such as both nationally and internationally recognised sportspersons will play an active role in the event.

Today people gathered at the City Hall to support the sports benefit which is part of the ‘Philanthropic Weekend’ for the presentation of the Dynamic Walk-a-Thon (WAT). Amongst those present were organizer Maria Bravo and the mayor of Marbella, Ángeles Muñoz. The Spanish national basketball coach and president of  the Cesare Scariolo Foundation, Sergio Scariolo and the official presenter of the Dynamic Walk-a-Thon, Fernando Romay were also present.

Angeles Muñoz expressed his desire to involve all residents of Marbella in this event and ensured that she would not miss the Dynamic Walk-a-Thon on the 18th of August.Both Maria Bravo and Sergio Scariolo thanked the City Council’s involvement in this cause and appealed to encourage citizens to participate in this sports event, which is suitable for people of all ages. “A Saturday morning which you can experience with family, friends, children and all of us.” Said Scariolo. Romay, ex National League and Real Madrid basketball player (1976 to 1993) and current member of the FEB 2014 (Spanish Basketball Federation) said that this event 2ºis a favour to the sport”. ´the Olympic Games originally were created to please the Gods, today with events like these, we’re going back to our roots but for a much greater cause. We are helping children in poor health and thanks to these two foundations we can offer them help and happiness. 

The aim is to raise as much money as possible for the Eva Longoria Foundation and the Cesare Scariolo Foundation, both dedicated to helping children who are suffering from cancer. 

adidas, the fashion and sports equipment company, has committed to the cause by producing a special limited edition T-shirt. The shirt which was presented by the organization this morning, will be worn by all contestants.

Signing up costs 25€ which includes the limited edition Dynamic WAT adidas T-shirt.

If you choose to sign up as a pair you would pay a lower price of 40€ and will be provided with a pair of adidas hats and shirts. Finally, those who would like to participate in a group would pay a lower price of 150€ and will receive  10 adidas hats and shirts and 10 special gifts.

The course starts and ends at the Dynamic Gym Marbella (the private housing estate next to Olivia Valere) and makes up 9 kilometres there and back (see map). There are two water stops, one by the Gran Melia Hotel and the other next to the Puente Romano Hotel, all the water will be donated by the Grupo Pascual.

Throughout the race, participants will be accompanied by 3 ambulances equipped with two cars full of Local Police and Civil Servants. All those who are interested in participating have until the August of 18th at 8:30pm to sign up. T-shirts and hats can be collected at the start of the walk at the Dynamic Gym Marbella.

Alongside the walk there will be children’s activities musical performances and more.

How to sign up

It is as easy to sign up as an individual as it is to sign up as a team.

To sign up individually, you must register as a participant, set a fundraising goal and make the registration payment.

Once registered you will receive an email for you to share with all of your contacts (via social networking or email) asking them to donate to help you reach your goal.

You have to keep checking the profile to see how much support you are getting and to see the donations of each contact. Remember to forward it as many times as possible to get maximum support from your contacts. Once you have reached your goal, you just need to train and make “every step count”! The aim is to try and raise as much money as possible for the charities.

Group registration is similar but slightly more detailed.

First, you register a team and indicate the participant’s names individually. Each member must then set a target for the team.Once collected, the money in the personal profile will be transferred to the computer, the only aim now is to get the sports equipment and start walking!

The ‘Philanthropic Weekend’

On the weekend of the 18th and 19th of August, the people of Malaga will have two important events. On Saturday begins the Dynamic Walk-a-Thon and on Sunday begins the glamorous Global Gift Gala, both held in Marbella.

The presidents of the major NGOs (Non-Governmental Organizations) The Eva Longoria Foundation and The Cesare Scariolo Foundation headed by Eva Longoria and Sergio Scariolo respectively, have joined forces to carry out this Philanthropic Weekend with a mission is to help children with cancer and their families.

This event was first held 3 years ago, with the same objective but a different name, by Manda Events and its founders María Bravo and Alina Perlata, with thanks to Eva Longorias desire to make a Charity event in Spain.

This year Eva Longoria y María Bravo are hoping for the second time, for a big charity project in order to raise as much money as they can for the charities.

For further information about this event visit the following link: and