Musical TOGETHER FOR A DREAM, Marbellla

Musical TOGETHER FOR A DREAM, Marbellla

On the “National Day of Children with Cancer” seventy school kids from Malaga support the cause with a musical. They took to stage in order to perform the play “Together for a Dream” featuring famous pieces of music from CATS, ROCK OF AGES and THE WEST SIDE STORY.

 Marbella 22nd of December, 2014: On Sunday the 21st of December the theatrical performance “TOGETHER FOR A DREAM” took place at Marbella City Theatre. The musical was carried out by seventy children from the province of Malaga. The youngsters, supported by their schools, El Limonar of Malaga and Laude San Pedro International College, put on this charity project with the aim of raising funds for other children of the province that are suffering from oncological diseases.

The initiative has been a great success attracting a large number of spectators from a far. Children involved in this project sought not only to support the sick (some having been and some continuing to be pupils at their own schools) but also their families, a task that the CESARE SCARIOLO FOUNDATION has been undertaking since 2008, organiser of the event along with Marie-Noëlle Communication agency.

The play, approximately two hours and a half in length, entertained the audience with a carefully staged routine made up of a variety of costumes, scenery, choreography and make up. Behind the musical were many hours of rehearsals and the vision of two stage directors, Karen Fellice Guarnieri and Salvador Moyano, whom were loudly applauded by the children at the end of the musical. The play also included a special performance by singer Frank Camelot.

In support of their effort and enthusiasm was also the Town hall of Marbella, which facilitated in not only the use of the city theatre for the musical, but also offered the assistance of various members of staff from the Department of Culture along with providing structures for media coverage in order to reach the largest number of possible citizens. On behalf of the municipal government was the delegate of Social Affairs, Manuel Cardeña.

The president of the foundation, Sergio Scariolo, wished to attend the event with his wife and children as the former national coach of the Spanish National Basketball Team and former coach of UNICAJA Malaga believed it to be important that his children understand and get involved in charitable causes. “I feel obligated to give back to society after all the good that it has given to me” he declared. In fact, the charity was created as a result of the experience of him and his family after the illness and death of his own father Cesare Scariolo from leukemia. “The foundation was named after Grandpa and it is now the grandchildren that are showing more interest in continuing this work for society” said the trainer upon leaving the theatre; “(…) I want my kids to understand the importance of being generous to those who need it most,” he added.

The transmission of values has also been essential for the directors, Emilio Alcázar and Remedios López, of the two respective schools. The main focus of “TOGETHER FOR A DREAM” was clearly solidarity, but also the notion of being a team and the importance of showing empathy towards others whilst working together in order achieve the end goal.

At the end of the play Marie Noëlle Erize thanked all participants. The president of the charity organisation, Sergio Scariolo, talked briefly about the actions and aims of the FOUNDATION CESARE SCARIOLO. Awards were given to the representatives of the schools and the City Council of Marbella as a small token of gratitude for their collaboration. The sponsors were also mentioned for their generosity. The local companies involved were: Carrefour express, Viveros Guzman, Stael and Isoluz.