EXCLUSIVE PIECES FOR AN INAUGURATION. The latest McLaren two-seater and a 270 year old violin share the stage at the inauguration of the Marbella Luxury Weekend.

Marbella, 11th of May of 2011 The inauguration of the Marbella Luxury Weekend augusr an unforgettable evening for enthusiasts of the exclusive.

 The first night of this project, driven by the Department of Tourism of the Town Council of Marbella, will be the starting gun for putting on sale at a national level the new MP4-12C, the first of a series of sports cars that McLaren wants to launch onto the market.

 Grupo Guarnieri, European distributor of the British car manufacturer, has taken care of all the details in the presentation to society of the latest two-seater sports car. At this event, the international violinistJia Yi-Susanne Hou will play before hundreds of anticipated guests a violin valued at seven million euros, the Giuseppe Guarneri del Gesù, dating back to 1735. The Chinese artist, of renowned prestige, is the only violinist to win three gold medals in international competitions.

The performance of the well-known musician will be the start of an intense weekend, marked by the presentations and activities organised by the thirty firms involved in the Marbella Luxury Weekend.

 Thursday will kick off at the premises of the jewellery firm Gómez&Molina with champagne and caviar tasting, prelude to the jewels on parade at nightfall and the official party set for midnight. For his part, Jimmy Choo will provide his guests with a presentation of his latest collection of bags and shoes. All this enlivened with some cocktails.

 Friday is characterised by the marriage of fashion and gastronomy in which of note is the proposition entitled “Breakfast With Tiffany” from Tourbillon, the cascade of fruits with chocolate and champagne from Missoni or the cocktail dinner from Salvatorre Ferragamo in whose establishment you can appreciate the mastery of a specialist shoemaker flown expressly from Italy for the Marbella Luxury Weekend. The firm Bulgari will take advantage of the eve of the weekend for the presentation of its latest collection entitled “Mediterranean” accompanying which will be cocktails made especially for the occasion and live music.

 In addition to what has already been announced, the firms are reluctant to reveal the full content of their programmes in order to surprise the 300 clients to whom invitations have been sent. The importance of some of these however, has been revealed. The directors of the multinationals have confirmed their presence at the Marbella Luxury Weekend.

 Note: The violin to be played by Yi-Jia Susanne Hou is an exceptional piece which in its day was used by Mary Portman, Fritz Kreiser and Guiseppe Guarneri de Gesú. This instrument, manufactured in 1735, has been loaned by Clement and Karen Arrison in a generous move by the Stradivari Society of Chicago, an organization which supports string instrument musicians at the very highest level This support translates into the loan, on the part of the owners, of old musical instruments to musicians of proven worth.

Marbella Luxury Weekend

Date: from 2nd to 5th of June of 2011

Venue: José Banús Marina, Marbella.