Candidate presentation by Salvador Ruiz Menacho in Marbella

Candidate presentation by Salvador Ruiz Menacho in Marbella

One hundred lawyers attended Ruiz’s presentation. Menacho for Dean of Lawyers candidate. Ignacio Gordillo called for greater involvement with the professional body.

Marbella, September 27th 2012: Today, Salvador Ruiz Menacho presented his candidacy to the Dean of Malaga Law School. Nearly one hundred lawyers gathered in the city near the Marbella Casino on the Alameda Principal to attend the first official event.

Ignacio Gordillo, a former prosecutor of the National Court and master of ceremonies, took the opportunity to request greater involvement and commitment from lawyers with regards to the Law School and measures and actions it partakes in.

Ruiz Menacho, besides presenting his new website (www.candidaturasalvadorruizmenacho) his team offered attendees an overview of the basic pillars of his program for the nomination to deanery.

Among its many objectives included the need to ensure and maintain compliance with the basic principles of the Code of Ethics, and manage training courses that provide specific content and access to the profession.

Menacho wants to return the legal profession to its previous prestigious standing and restore respect for all lawyers, with particular emphasis on the repositioning of professionals working for Legal Aid.

His intention, as a candidate for Dean, is to assist the families of previously mentioned lawyers without income, those whose families are in precarious situations, help female lawyers for 40 days after childbirth, and senior lawyers, encouraging their participation in college activities.

He also insisted on the study and rethinking of college fees, mentioning, if necessary, a reduction.

These and other topics of professional interest were discussed during this presentation.

The team that makes up the candidacy of Salvador Ruiz Menacho is as follows:

  • Marisa Moreno Castillo
  • Rafael Palacio Peláez
  • Juan Ferrero Muñoz
  • Lourdes Hijano Utrera
  • María Soledad Benítez Piaja
  • Daniel García Prieto
  • Raquel Alarcón Fanjul
  • Angel Ábalos Nuevo
  • Jesús Ureña Revuelta
  • Julia Crisol García
  • Antonio Trillo López
  • María José Sillero Cano
  • José María Suárez Domínguez
  • Dolores Casares Tejada