Be Lagom Launch Party

Be Lagom Launch Party

BENAHAVÍS. 10/25/2018. The multinational promoter Altur Homes, dedicated to the residential property development of high constructive quality, launched one of the most exclusive and breakthrough promotions of La Costa del Sol, Be Lagom.  The launch event and all communication was organised and managed by MN Comunicación.

The concept was presented by José Carlos León, head of NVOGA,  the real estate agency at the forefront of this project: “Be Lagom is a project unparalleled in the area and will mark a before and after in the real estate sector in Spain.”

Be Lagom, will consist of 13 luxury villas that were conceived, designed and inspired by the current trends and preferences valued by the most demanding residents of the world: sustainability, organic food and the circular economy.

The price of the villas will start at 1.2 million euros and they are aimed at buyers from countries such as Norway, Sweden, Belgium and England who are looking for a second residence of quality and are environmentally friendly.

The 13 Be Lagom villas are located in the town of Benahavis, in a total area of ​​14,000 m2 that has 360º views of the sea and the town of Marbella, Gibraltar and Africa on the horizon. The promotion also includes 5000 meters of Mediterranean gardens, rest areas and viewpoints, as well as a co-living space, thus promoting networking and a collaborative community.

The investment of the project is around € 15,000,000. The works will begin in January 2019 and the construction time will be approximately between 18 and 20 months.


Be Lagom´s landscaping is truly one of its finest assets. Boasting Mediterranean gardens of more than 5000 m2, an organic vegetable garden, fruit trees and a great variety of flowers, its landscaping will prioritise the natural aspect and will create communal spaces. Laura Pou, responsible for the landscape project states: “The project is unique because absolutely everything in it has life and has utility. The vegetables and fruit trees will be those that give life to this arid zone. The plants and trees and the living areas with pergolas serve to shelter, to share, to dream. There is nothing that is only visual, not even the sheets of water, which have an evocative effect for things to happen.”

During the presentation, the guests were able to approach, through different sensory actions, the vital experience that Be Lagom will have for its inhabitants. This unique promotion invites you to enjoy all five senses: immersing yourself in the pool, smelling the flowers, tasting your own homegrown fruit, appreciating the sea, the orchards and gardens.

As such, guests were invited to enjoy the culinary delicacies of the two Michelin stars chef, Dani García, who prepared a seasonal menu in line with the food promised by the promotion.

Application of the Circular Economy

Increasingly, people are aware of the need to live in a sustainable manner. Be Lagom is a unique real estate project that will make the way of life of its residents an example of the so-called circular economy, so in vogue in recent times. Society moves at a vertiginous pace that affects all facets of our life and has completely transformed our consumption patterns. Natural resources are limited and beginning to run out, with serious consequences for our environment. For this reason, the circular economy tries to implement a new, circular, non-linear economy, based on the principle of “closing the life cycle” of all products and services.

Under this premise, Be Lagom was born, a real estate project that wants to establish the circular economy in homes and that firmly believes that the preservation of our resources is a shared responsibility of all sectors. Therefore, it incorporates the possibility that its owners live according to a philosophy of life in line with concepts of the circular economy.

Javier Hernández, head of Altur Homes said: “Be Lagom is the maximum exponent of social responsibility in real estate and a real estate project that wants to establish the circular economy in homes and firmly believes that the preservation of our resources is a shared responsibility of all sectors “.

Laura Pou adds: “The circular economy goes beyond recycling, it is reuse. It is another point because recycling procedures have a large part of the energy process that is also polluting. In this project, many of the materials are going to be reused: wood for the pergolas, the boxes the crops are made in. That is the point where the circular economy comes into play. There will never be an end to things. When the crops are finished there will be a composting area, where they will be converted into organic matter to return to the soil and help the other plants to bear fruit again. ”

Sustainability, one of the fundamental pillars of the project

Be Lagom, has the global certificate of sustainable construction BREEAM®, the method of evaluation and certification of sustainability in building world-wide with more than 20 years in the market. This seal examines up to 49 requirements collected in 10 categories (Energy, Water, Materials, Health and Welfare, Transportation, Waste, Ecological Land Use, Pollution, Management, Innovation) and promotes economic, health and environmentally friendly benefits.

In this way, Be Lagom encourages savings, incorporating numerous measures to reduce water and energy consumption; promotes well-being, enjoying a higher quality of life, promoting natural luminosity, noise reduction and a healthier and more comfortable environment, it also increases the value of the property, since this certificate improves the trust between banks and investors.

Design and architecture that bring distinction and warmth

Architecturally, the project highlights the combination of materials so as not to break its essence, such as, for example, the use of wood and stone combined with iron that recall the traditional construction and provide warmth and naturalness without losing a contemporary edge. On the other hand, regarding the design, the villas have been adapted to the orography, so that the facades open towards the sea, and in the north, they are covered preserving the privacy and offering a vision of privacy.

The architect responsible for the project, Rodolfo Amieva of the Gonzalez & Jacobson Architecture studio explains: “Our requirements were to ensure that the project was self-managed in the best possible way and that sustainability is present at each point; from the generation of water to the air conditioning of homes. All this, guided us to choose the materials “.


Lagom is a Swedish word that enhances the virtue of the midpoint.
Lagom means “the right amount”, avoiding excess and extreme limitation, which allows us to better understand what makes us happy and what works for our mental well-being.

In this way, the term is combined with the idea of ​​”Be” or “Being” and implies the meanings derived from the philosophy of life to which the term Lagom refers.

Main actors of the project

One of the key features of this project is that Altur Homes has chosen an excellent team of professionals behind it. After all, Be Lagom is also a philosophy of extended life at real estate level in which several professionals have grouped together to realise the project of their dreams. In this sense Rodolfo Amieva explains: “One of my most recurrent wishes has been fulfilled in my work as an architect. When I was invited to participate in this project, knowing that the promoters and investors were from other parts of the world, many possibilities opened up. The first was to be able to participate with multidisciplinary teams from all over the world. We are people from Argentina, from Miami, from other parts of Spain … in which we are all experts in our field. All this has given us many ideas that had not yet been developed on the Costa del Sol. In fact, in some cases they seemed daring ideas that we doubted we would materialise. But as we worked with these people, we realised that we could do a multidisciplinary project and that we could also be in one part of the world. ”

Also, Laura Pou tells: “It is very curious because when I was little, my grandfather gave me a glass greenhouse and that greenhouse was inside a very beautiful garden that he cared for with a lot of love. To me, on those summer days I loved to put my feet in the wet earth, while I watered the tomato and picked the vegetables. When they proposed this project to me, that association of ideas took me to that garden and it occurred to me to make a large edible garden, an eternal supermarket. For me it was a challenge with a sentimental mix. ”

José Carlos León NVOGA took advantage of the event to thank Altur Homes for their confidence: “I also wanted to thank Altur Homes for the possibility that NVOGA has been given to participate in a project of these characteristics, because for us, as Javier has pointed out , has been the opportunity to collaborate in a promotion that reflects some of the yearnings in real estate that we have always dreamed of for our land “.

About Altur Homes

Altur Homes is a company dedicated to the promotion of residential and mixed-use real estate ventures. His projects stand out for their design, high constructive quality and, especially, for adapting each house to the particular needs, housing and comfort requirements of each buyer. Among its distinctive factors, it has a dedicated team of professionals and a large land bank to carry out in each site the most convenient undertaking for those who wish to live in each city. Altur Homes works day by day to be recognised for the excellence of its projects and brands, in terms of architectural design, constructive reliability and user experience.

Photos of the event

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