The prestigious scientist will lead a dinner and talk at the Salón Real in the Los Monteros Hotel in favour of the scholarship fund of Tel Aviv University Spanish Friends.

Marbella, 3rd November 2017 – Tel Aviv University Spanish Friends (TAUSF) will host next Thursday 9th November the dinner and talk entitled “Tel Aviv University – the Spearhead in Medical Research” at the Salón Real in the Los Monteros Hotel. The talk will be led by Professor Karen B. Avraham, Vice Dean of the Sackler Faculty of Medicine who specialises in hereditary hearing loss.


It is a unique meeting which gives guests the opportunity to share their thoughts with one of the most recognised professionals in their field. Furthermore, it counts on a solitary end as TAUSF will allocate the profits from the evening to the strengthening of their scholarship fund. Thanks to the scholarship fund, Spanish students or residents will be able to carry out their undergraduate or postgraduate studies at Tel Aviv University.

Those interested in attending the event can register and make the dinner reservation on the TAUSF website:

Tel Aviv University is one of the most prestigious universities in the world in terms of research and development. It is currently the leader in tissue engineering for implants and organ repair, medicines for Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, the study of non-invasive methods for the detection of cancer, as well as in the development of nanosubmarines for supplying medicines.

TAUSF, once again, aims to build bridges between Spain and this important university by bringing to Marbella Professor Karen B. Avraham, an authoritative voice in the world of scientific research and a pioneer in her field of work.

About Professor Karen B. Avraham

Professor Avraham is an internationally recognised scientist whose work has been focused on the discovery of genes which cause hereditary hearing loss. Her team takes a multidisciplinary approach using genetic, biochemical, cellular and bioinformatic tools to decipher the molecular bases of hearing loss.

President of the Genetic Society of Israel and council member of the European Molecular Biology Organisation among other titles, Professor Avraham visits Marbella thanks to TAUSF to present the latest advances in medical research carried out at the Sackler Faculty of Medicine.


About Tel Aviv University Spanish Friends

TAUSF, based in Marbella, has a main objective of strengthening ties between Tel Aviv University, one of the most prestigious of the world and the most important of Israel, and Spain. It aims to extend its know-how to universities, institutions and to the national panorama in general, for which it also organises different activities and participates in cultural meetings as well as scientific, artistic and innovation meetings.


Dinner-Talk: “Tel Aviv University – the Spearhead in Medical Research”

Speaker: Professor Karen B. Avraham, Vice Dean of the Sackler Faculty of Medicine of Tel Aviv University

Date: Thursday 9th November

Time: 7.30pm

Place: Salón Real, Los Monteros Hotel


Price:  80€