The fourteen stalls that form the Costa del Sol´s innovative gastronomic experience appreciate the public´s warm welcoming this summer as they provide significant business figures.

Marbella, 4th of September 2015: On the 24th of August, Ambrosía Gourmet Market in Marbella celebrated their first working month and, according to the data provided by the owners, Antonio Ortiz and Gabor Somlai, the balance in terms of the number of visitors, product sales, consumption in situ, impact on the media and future estimations for the multi-establishment are in fact, extremely positive.
A large percentage of residents and tourists have visited Ambrosía, thus successfully superseding the expectations of their proprietors. An average of 700 people visit their facilities daily, reaching higher levels at the weekend and even greater in the hours of breakfast, elevenses, lunch and dinner (or similar times). The majority of people only look to sample and taste the food, but every time, more and more people buy the conveniently packed products to enjoy in the comfort of their own home. In terms of loyalty: 1 in every 4 people returns for the same experience.
All Spaniards, the British, the French, the Germans, the Russians, the Scandinavians and the Arabs (of certain countries), each with their own personal preferences, are indeed the most prominent nationalities that visit the market. Whilst the Spaniards appreciated the Iberian hams, the beer cellar and the high quality canned goods, the French opted for oysters and champagne; the British sought for refreshing white wines to accompany Andalusian tapas, and as a result have been inspired to make brunch more satiating (from the sweet or savory palette). The central Europeans were grateful to be able to try first class signature cheeses from around the globe, while also having the option of taking home pre-cooked Spanish meals. The Northern visitors required more organic products whereas the Russians yearned for meats, fish and seafood, as well as a wide range of high quality products. The Arabs (with the majority being Muslims) found the food compatible with their own, unique style, such as halal meat or recipes and ingredients that do not contain pork. The creperie and the Asian cuisine are the most prominent multicultural options that Ambrosía has to offer.
There is palpable evidence of the market´s economic flow when reviewing the stalls individually. One of the most important elements is the beer brand, Estrella Galicia. Image is also imperative to the establishment, not only in appearance but also in the volume of its products. In addition to the beer cellar, imported beers such as Aguas Cabreiroá and Sidras Maeloc have in fact been the most dominant amidst others. In the words of the distributor, “the opening has been a huge advantage to Ambrosía as we are able to set the scene of our company in Marbella whilst attracting new clients, and amplifying our presence”. However, what stood out the most was the opening of the market which was described as unbeatable.
The stall entitled Eggsquitisto specializes in omelets and fried eggs, using 90 kilos of potatoes and 200 eggs every day for preparations as well as 2 kilos of chistorra and 3 kilos of peppers. In the enological corner we have The Wine Gallery, where they have served on average 300 glasses a day, 100 of which were champagne; with more than 40 participants their first tasting was a huge success. Fortunately, this tasting will be repeated every month using different wines every time as a result of its tremendous success. Additionally, it´s important to know about the Ambrosía´s home delivery service, where the client can order their wine of choice to their house, as well as an imminent wine club available to all clients. Isan´s sushi stall stands out as a result of its popular and in-demand California Maki which sells more than 100 portions a day (also recommended for children as it contains softer ingredients). With 700 croquettes sold daily, the croquetterie- La deliciosa Gourmet does not cease to amaze; their exciting and “classic” flavors consist of béchamel (white sauce) with Iberian hams whilst their gourmet flavors comprise of foie gras and caramelized apple, not to mention their unique pizza flavor. At La Gamba de Oro the fish and shellfish stall, the manager quotes a shocking 750 kilos of seafood sold monthly, among which thousands of oysters are retailed (which is something that does not occur in other establishments).
In Pasta takes control of the Italian food. The owner states there are 13 kilos of fresh pasta served in his bar using a unique and particular methodology. The stall has a specific vapor machine that brings the pasta to an exact boil whilst transporting the authentic Italian flavor to every dish. Meanwhile, the only stall that offers breakfast is The Boardwalk creperie. Not only have they sold hundreds of crepes, muffins and macaroons but also a large number of coffees, smoothies, ice creams and fresh juices daily with their specialty being the notorious English breakfast. Iberi&Co´s Iberian ham and cheese stall records 387 kilos of Joselito ham (the best ham in the world) sold by the cut; resulting to approximately 10 kilos of ham dispatched daily, simultaneously highlighting the wide variety of Iberian coppa (from the same family of hams from Joselito) which is constantly requested. One can also find around 500 kilos of cheese that belong to 30 different signature labels from around the world. This includes the famous Dehesa de los llanos, which recently received the award for the best cheese in the world 2012. The butchers shop -Steak Palace, exhibits its cherished beef and also offers professional packaging to take it home as it bursts with its notoriously strong flavor. Instead of beef, Steak Palace offers their newly prepared Iberian hams, if the hamburgers and steaks are not of interest to the customer.
La Despensa de Ambrosía, the ´little shop´ caters especially for you with hundreds of pieces of crostini´s (little pieces of toast) prepared daily, with smoked sardines being the most prevalent. To find typical Andalusian specialties avert your attention to La Cordobesa Tapas by La Ñina de El Pisto. At this particular stall 2.5 kilos of tomatoes are used for their delicious ´salmorejo´ and particularly the ratatouille and the ´presa´ are their two most successfully sold dishes.
On July 24th, Ambrosía´s Gourmet market opened its doors to the public with a memorable opening ceremony, with over 300 guests, a number of local authorities and amongst them, the mayor of Marbella, José Bernal. The online press attention reached half a million hits, with hundreds of communication companies, expert bloggers and gastronomic specialists interested in their astounding development.
The presentation of this business plan was one month after the opening.