Companies should not only be seen as providers of jobs and wealth, but also as agents of development in other areas (social, cultural, environmental, legal, educational, sports ...) of the communities to which they are part of.

Marie-Noëlle Communication Agency fundamentally adopts the development of values in line with their CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility); whilst also offering as part of their service communication management to other companies.

From the beginning the agency has been committed to three primary areas within the CSR:

  1. Improving the welfare (both locally and globally) of those in need, particularly those organisations that benefit children.
  2. Supporting females in both occupation and business in relation to the decline in employment and the discrimination of women.
  3. Assisting the development of local, regional, national and international culture.

CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) is defined as "the active and voluntary contribution along with the social, economic and environmental improvement from companies and organisations, usually with the goal of implementing competitiveness and added value."

Entre nuestros principales valores está la mejora del bienestar social (local y global) de personas en situación de necesidad, sobre todo a través de organizaciones que favorezcan a la infancia.

La agencia de comunicación Marie-Noëlle apoya el empleo y la empresa en femenino en favor de la disminución de la discriminación laboral de las mujeres.