The anniversary of a business is always cause for celebration and if it is 27 years old, even more! FM Consulting celebrated its birthday on Friday 21st July, and trusted Marie-Noëlle Communications to create an unforgettable evening. At the agency we took charge of the entertainment for the evening that was full of surprises. Electronic violin music with impeccable solos accompanying the brilliant acrobatic performance of Le Cir, an exhibition of strength and elegance.

But this was not all. The guests were astonished at the relaxed behaviour of some of the helpers and at the lack of professionality of some of the waiters, who instead of dedicating themselves to their work, were talking on the phone and playing between the tables. What is happening here?!, they asked surprised. It all formed part of an entertainment plot which culminated in two flashmob performances which many of the guests joined and did not hesitate to follow the choreography that these ´disastrous waiters´ or ´enthusiastic guests´ led. Everyone was surrounded by the magic of the voice and violin directly interpreting the mythical ´I will survive´ by Gloria Gaynor.